The effective matching of employer needs with graduate skills is at the center of industry success.

Go to the Job Portal for posting and finding jobs.

I would like every student that graduates from Spa Tech to get a job in his or her desired field. After all, that is why you came to Spa Tech Institute in the first place. The name of the game here at Spa Tech is placement. I really want to stress how important placement is after graduation. Your first job will really shape how you feel about the field you chose to be in. Our goal throughout your time at Spa Tech is to put you into the best job in your field. One way we do that is through alumni connections. We invite alumni back to Spa Tech for seminars and encourage them to post to our job boards. Your fellow Spa Tech alums will quickly become your friends and will work to find you the best placement possible. Why? Because someone did it for them. We’re more like a family than a school. We want everyone that ends up here to want to be here. Once you make that decision we go out of our way to find you the best jobs out there. Have any questions about our job portal or placement process? Give us a call; we’re always here to help.

Finding a Job- Students and Graduates can search for listings based on multiple criteria. Once a position of interest is found, simply click on the button for more information. A request will be sent to the school administrator with your contact information and the position you’re interested in. You can also go directly to your On-Site Director or Director of Education with the listing number to review the details and learn more information on the position.

Posting a Job- Employers can go to the ‘Post a Job’ section to create a user login, an employer profile and begin to post jobs. The nice thing about our Job Portal is that the employer can modify their listing as needed. This includes removing the listing once the position is filled or upgrading the information.

The listings should include jobs, booth rental, room rentals, businesses for sale and volunteer opportunities. Product and equipment sales will not be approved. We will be taking an active part in the placement process to make sure that the listings are as complete as possible and the graduates have the most accurate information about the position before they pursue the opportunity.