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Service or Quality Complaints

The school views complaints about service or quality as an opportunity to improve. As an institution, we are open to all feedback from students, staff, and customers. Our goal is to provide outstanding service and customer care. To this end, constant evaluation from our constituents is always considered carefully and resolved quickly.

Complaint processing

All complaints are urgent and should have immediate attention to prevent small problems from becoming big problems.

All complaints must be documented on the Complaint/Suggestion Form to ensure proper processing

Order of complaint resolution

  1. The first level of complaint processing is the instructor
  2. The second level is the Director of Education
  3. The third level is the School Director or the On-Site Director
  4. The fourth level is the President of the school
  5. The fifth level is the accreditation or licensing agencies as appropriate

All complaints must be documented on the complaint form and forwarded to the Director of Education and the On-Site Director immediately


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