Five Great Reasons to go to Career Schools


The investment in tuition for a career school education is a fraction of what it costs to go to most 4 year colleges. Plus, when you graduate you will have a marketable skill that can put you to work immediately.

As most people know, tuition for four years of college can be very high. Depending on what you study, it may not lead to a career and you may still need to go on to additional training before you can start a career.


You can finish your training in 3 to 18 months depending on the program and schedule you choose. This translates into both additional savings and career building opportunities. The math on this is astounding. The difference just in lost wages while you go to school for 4 years can be significant.


When you are doing work you love, you are living your genius. Everyone does better when they are doing something they like. That is why some people come back to Spa Tech after finishing college and spending several years working in a cubicle or not enjoying the work they are doing. If you aren't excited about what you do for a living, you will not be as happy or healthy in all aspects of your life.


It is a great feeling to be surrounded by people who share your appreciation and enthusiasm about what they are doing. Often students become life long friends as they work together. Some students even will open businesses together as they grow their careers.


As a massage or polarity therapist, esthetics or skin care spa professional or cosmetologist, you have control of your future. You are in control of your career, your schedule and your income. Many people go on to have their own business and set their schedule around child care or other interests. And it is wonderful to know that what you do can never be outsourced. You have total control over what you do.

College can be important if you know what you want to do and you need college to do it: engineer, doctor, lawyer, etc.

However, if you aren't sure you need college now, it may be better to get a career first and then go to college when you need it to move your career forward.

We hope this information is helpful in making decisions about your future. For more information on how to move your career forward, call the school and someone would be happy to meet with you to talk about your goals and how we may be able to help you.

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