Aesthetics Clinic Hours

Please call to find out our clinic days, clinic hours and to schedule an appointment.




  • Salt Glow $35
  • Seaweed Body Wrap $35
  • Herbal Body Wrap $35
  • Mud Body Wrap $35
  • Spa Foot or Hand Treatment $30
  • Reflexology $30

State Law requires that we give all students equal opportunity. Therefore, we are unable to satisfy requests for services to be performed by specific students.



  • Basic Facial with soothing mask $30
  • Serum or Ampule $10
  • Essential Oils $5
  • Rose Essential Oils $10
  • High Frequency N/C
  • Galvanic with soak $5
  • Galvanic with serum or Ampule $10
  • Back Facial $25
  • * Gommage $15
  • * Enzyme Peel $15
  • * Collagen Mask Facial $40
  • *Paraffin Facial $40
  • Detoxifying Facial
  • with lymphatic $30
  • Make-up application $10
  • * Glycolic Peel $25
  • Eyelash Tinting $10
  • *Vitamin C Treatment $15

* In addition to the basic facial



  • Bikini $10
  • Eyebrow $5
  • Chin or Lip $4
  • Full Face $11
  • Back $25
  • Patch (body) $5
  • Underarm $9
  • Half Leg $15
  • Full Leg $25
  • Full Leg w/Bikini $35
  • Lower Arm $10
  • Full Arm $15
  • Chest $20
  • Full Body $100 & up



Available During 2nd Half of Program
(call our clinic for dates)

A wonderful treat to share with friends or when you want to feel special and pampered.

Half-Day Package:  $85


  • Salt Glow
  • Body Wrap
  • Mini Facial

Please allow 2 to 3 hours

All work is supervised by licensed instructors and done by students.

Students will assess the skin and make recommendations based upon the client’s needs.

Charges are for materials used only.  There is no charge for services.

Important Policy on Right to Refuse Service

This is a student clinic where the students practice the work they are learning in class. The students do not have the entire professional skill set so they may lack the training to deal with exceptional health issues.

Therefore, for your protection, we reserve the right to not treat clients who may be dealing with healthissues such as cancer, skin disease, heart conditions or other conditions that may require the services from a fully trained professional.

Additionally, in the cosmetology clinic there may be certain conditions such as head lice that will require waiting until the condition is remedied.

The school will also refuse service in cases of intoxication or inappropriate remarks or behavior. 

* Maine State Law prohibits schools from giving clients to specific students by request. Students must be selected solely on the work needed to complete their requirements. 

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