Where you go to school is as important as what you are learning. The environment must be supportive of your education. For this reason our schools are located in comfortable, beautiful, easily accessible, and safe locations that offer plenty of free parking. You deserve nothing less. This is why we tend to be near the ocean or the country or in the better part of a city.

The seacoast is a beautiful area in all 4 seasons. It is particularly well suited for 3 of our school locations because it provides ample accommodations, a wide range of cuisine, and many outdoor activities. If you travel a distance or wish to relocate, there are many seasonal rentals available in incredible locations. Or if you live nearby, taking walks on beaches before or after class is a harmonious addition to the experience of learning to do work you love.

All three of our Massachusetts locations are far enough away from Boston to offer the benefits of the country and yet less than an hour from Boston for those who are looking for more cultural experiences. We really do enjoy the best of both worlds in these locations.

We know from experience that the quality of energy in a space is as critical as the physical facility. This is why we encourage everyone to visit all the schools they are considering to determine which school is best for them.

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