molly merrifieldMolly Merrifield came to Spa Tech Institute Westbrook Campus with a love of the beauty industry and graduated from the 1500 Hour Cosmetology program in December of 2017. Cosmetology Education Director, Charlotte Hanna says “Molly is a hard worker and very dedicated to the industry. She was always eager to learn new things and I knew very early on in her program that she would achieve her goals and be successful.”

caitlyn brasierCaitlyn Brasier’s grandmother was instrumental in shaping her future in the health and wellness industry. At the age of twelve, her grandmother started taking her to Balance Spa in Tewksbury to get facials. They always felt great and she knew as she entered high school she wanted to make people feel as good as she had during her spa treatments.

Ellie Fowler“The best part of being involved in a healing profession is the gratitude expressed by clients who have tried everything and finally got results from polarity and massage.” -Ellie Fowler

Christabeth IngoldChristabeth Ingold knew at a very young age she wanted to help heal people. “It has always been clear to me, my soul was meant to heal.” She grew up in West Springfield, Massachusetts and attended Leslie University in Boston, studying art therapy, which is a creative modality for self-expression through art. She received her bachelors in 2005.

Kasia DoranWhen Kasia Doran was 8 years old she immigrated from Poland to Philadelphia with her family, speaking no English. She was a fast learner and soon was speaking English in the classroom. While growing up, she was passionate about skincare and was influenced by her godmother back in Poland because she was an aesthetician. Kasia says this was her inspiration to become an aesthetician.

Mike DAmicoJuly’s Graduate Spotlight takes us to Portland, Oregon where we find Olivia Pierson. Olivia is a 2017 graduate of Spa Tech Institute’s 650-hour Therapeutic Massage program.

Mike DAmicoMike D’Amico knew at an early age that he wanted to help people with their fitness goals. This led him to enroll in the Exercise Science Degree program at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts after High School. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2015.

Erin HagenTricia L’Abbe worked as a recruiter in the telecommunications field for many stressful years. She felt it was time to look into another career field because of the high stress she had been under. Her physician recommended massage therapy to combat the constant stress she was under. Her massage therapist turned out to be a graduate of Spa Tech Institute and recommended that she visit the school in Ipswich to find out if it was a career for her.

Erin HagenJade Wang came to the United States from China in 2008 to further her education. She graduated from Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island with a degree in International Hotel and Tourism Management. This is where she met her husband, Stephen. She worked in Boston for a tourism company for a few years but realized that this was not her passion. She began searching for a career which would satisfy her need to help people.

Erin HagenRita Gordon and Justin Michaud graduated from Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich in 2011. Rita from holistic massage and Justin from therapeutic massage. They formed a great bond while in school and decided to open a massage studio together upon graduation.

Erin HagenErin Hagen graduated from Beverly High School in May of 2015. She knew at an early age that she was fascinated by energy work, body work, crystals and meditation. In her senior year, she did an internship with a holistic massage graduate from Spa Tech Institute, Kerilee Pelletrino. Kerilee took Erin under her wing and taught her how to market herself and how to start a business. This helped Erin with her master plan of opening her own business one day in the health and wellness industry.

JessicaMalletteJess Mallette worked in and out of the corporate world for many years having over an hour drive each way to work. She was a single mom with two boys and felt she needed a more meaningful job. She enjoyed working with her hands and wanted to help people in a beneficial way.

Heather Mcleod DecemberHeather McLeod went to high school at North Shore Technical High School and studied cosmetology. While in high school, she enrolled in a class that introduced her to Swedish massage. Upon graduating, she began working in a salon. She worked with many massage therapists who expressed how happy they were doing their job making people feel better. She remembered how much she enjoyed the massage class she took in high school which led her to enroll in the Therapeutic Massage program at Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich.

tricia casale novemberTricia Casale began her career working as a physical therapist assistant. She worked for 5 years at Lenox Hill, North Shore Consortium and New England Rehab. She then spent 10 years at the Beverly School for the Deaf. She decided she wanted to become a massage therapist and specialize in myofascial release which focuses on relieving pain and discomfort in the body’s connective tissue also known as fascia. She lives in Beverly and the choice was made to come to Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich.

Barbara HubbardBarbara Hubbard has been a massage therapist since 1980. She became interested in massage after she enrolled in a chiropractic class at North Shore Community College and found her way to massage therapy. She always loved the benefits of receiving massage and realized giving massages and making people feel better was going to be very rewarding.

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