Nancy and Kris were interviewed by Dr. Sheri Russell and graduate Stephen Baglioni, LMT on Northshore 104.9 in Beverly, MA, "On Your Game". With a focus on prevention and performance, Dr. Russell of Russell Center for Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Beverly and Stephen Baglioni of Massage Therapy Unlimited, are educating the public on a variety of subjects to enhance personal health and performance. The interview with Nancy and Kris begins at 12:20 in the podcast and focuses primarily on Polarity Therapy as well as the healing arts in general. Many thanks to Dr. Russell and Stephen Baglioni, LMT for the great work they are doing educating and healing the public.

Are Supplements Unhealthy?

Your clients look to you for guidance on wellness. The challenge is to pass on information for consideration while simultaneously educating your clients to listen to their body and trust its wisdom. The recent findings on supplements is a great example of the challenge. After decades of attention on increased exposure to calcium and anti-oxidants by health professionals of different traditions, it's now coming out that there may be significant risks.

It's no secret. We have learned a lot from growing Spa Tech Institute together since 1988. We recognize that there are other people who idealize the concept of working with a spouse while there are others who say "No Way!" Our advice is, it depends on who you are. It can be the most rewarding and the most challenging experience of your life.

As the skin care industry rushes forward with new scientific advancements and state of the art products, my curiosity is frequently piqued by new research, in this case, Stem Cell research. In my search for new stem cell facial technologies I made an appointment with Jonathan Douglas, who is giving stem cell facials. Jonathan is co-owner of the Jonathan Douglas Salon. Surprise! I didn’t just get a great facial. I got an awesome massage along with it in a beautiful large treatment room pleasing to all senses.

What Posting Frequency Works Best on Facebook and Twitter?

If you have a business listing, this is an important issue that is very important due to changes that were implemented at Facebook and Twitter recently. We are reviewing this at the school now. We have many Facebook pages and they are linked to Twitter as well. A year ago the professionals were advocating posting hourly so you would show in the news feed when people were on.

A graduate recently posted a great question in the Facebook, Spa Tech Career Builders about the value of APTA, RPP and BCPP in light of the fact that Polarity Therapy is still relatively unknown and the view that the APTA has done little to promote polarity.

The acronyms stand for American Polarity Therapy Association (APTA), Registered Polarity Practitioner (RPP) and Board Certified Polarity Practitioner (BCPP). The BCPP is an independently administered certification exam that measures minimum competency to enter the industry and call yourself a RPP. The purpose of having an independent exam is to create a level of credibility that other organizations, most notably insurance companies, a credential that justifies authorizing insurance payments for the services. The insurance companies need to justify what they cover and this is the way they have chosen to sift out the thousands of options that exist.

Does Anyone See Your Facebook Posts?

It appears there has been a shift in the Facebook "surface" formula that is good to know if you want to build your social marketing effectiveness. The "surface" formula is what Facebook uses to determine what surfaces on your news feed and what remains hidden. Understanding the formula is critical to having your Fans actually see what you post.

This week the Patrick administration submitted a proposal to change some aspects of the Division of Professional Licensure to streamline certain areas as well address some fee issues. The intention is to make it easier and less expensive for small businesses in the state. The changes can be seen at the Governor's website. A few of the most important changes affect massage license fees as well as barbering, cosmetology and electrology which will now all be under one board.

Bright Future for the Spa and Salon Industry

It appears the industry is set for additional expansion into the future. According to a report by GIA (Global Industry Analysts) the world health spa market is supposed to grow to $77.2 billion by 2015. But what's really interesting is the finding that a lot of the high end medical treatments are in less demand while the stress and health related services like massage, facials and fitness have increased.

How does being a smoker affect your career as a massage therapist? This is a very delicate issue that affects clients and smokers alike. It's important to not be judgmental. Everyone has their own path in life and no one is in a position to pass judgement on anyone unless you have walked that path. That being said, being a smoker or having clients that smoke presents challenges to a successful career. We will start with clients who smoke. There are two challenges. The first is to understand how you can give the person the greatest benefit.


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