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Welcome to the Spa Tech Institute professional career blog. Succeeding in the health, wellness and beauty professions is easy if you have the right training, information and attitude. The Spa Tech Institute Professional Blog is a resource for everyone who is interested in succeeding is this field. Whether you are new or experienced, have a small or large business or are thinking of getting into the field, the purpose of the blog is to share important information from experienced professionals and companies to help the entire industry improve.Even though massage, cosmetology and aesthetics have been around for thousands of years, in many ways it’s an emerging profession. The levels of stress and importance of appearance are all time highs. The digital age has increased the demands in our lives at the same time as it has increased our exposure to appearing in pictures and videos more important than ever. As an emerging industry, there is a holographic effect to improvement. The more any one person improves what they do, the more it improves the perception of the entire industry. Therefore, everyone in the profession benefits as we each take what we do to the highest level. So by working together to improve every client’s experience, the reputation of the industry will grow and spread to more people. After all, we aren’t competing with each other (well maybe a little) as much as we are collectively educating the public about the importance of what we do. Ultimately, success comes from many small things done consistently well. This is the simple idea behind sharing information from top professionals and businesses. By subscribing to this blog you will find a constant feed of ideas and best practices that you can apply to your professional career. Experience has taught us that just one good idea can incrementally but significantly improve your business. Your feedback and questions are greatly appreciated as it will help us to supply you with better information. Thank you for all you do to make the world a better place. Sincerely, Kris Stecker

Chelsea Watt’s path to becoming a healer was not an easy one and like many healers Chelsea grew up feeling she was meant for a unique calling. High school was challenging at times. She did not feel that her path was to complete a fouryear college like most of her peers only to then settle in a career that didn’t seem to complete her. However, like many young people, the expectation of her family was that she would indeed follow this set path. Chelsea opted to study English Literature. It did not take long for Chelsea and her family to realize that this was not the career that was going to make her truly happy.

Josie Correia graduated from Spa Tech Institute’s Aesthetics career program in the spring of 2009. When she was young she did some modeling and makeup artistry but ultimately went to school to be a paralegal which she was not passionate about it. She began to think about what made her happy and remembered enjoying the years that she was doing makeup. That passion is how she came to apply to Spa Tech Institute, Ipswich.

Cath Fonzo, a 2014 graduate of Spa Tech Institute’s Therapeutic Massage Program, is enjoying the benefits of owning her own successful practice! As a mother and wife, it was important for Cath to find a career that allowed her to fulfill her passion of helping people with the flexibility she desired.

Tracy McLaughlin had been interested in skincare and makeup at a young age and had been a makeup artist for about ten years before she found her way to Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich and enrolled in our aesthetics course.

Tracy says of her choice to attend Spa Tech Institute, “Attending Spa Tech was one of the best choices I have made for myself. As a makeup artist of over 10 years I was looking to add more to my services and gain a deep understanding of the skin. The small class size and extensive hands on time made going back to school fun and easy.” Tracy graduated from the program in 2015.

Melissa McLaughlin is a perfect example of a Spa Tech Institute graduate who was completely focused on getting the most of her education and inspired to open her own business soon after graduation.

Melissa graduated from the Holistic massage program in July of 2014. She comments on her training at Spa Tech Institute: “My training at Spa Tech Institute gave me the skills and inspiration to open my own business within a few months of graduation. I was new to the energetic world when I came to Spa Tech, coming from a completely different line of work. It took a while for me to open up to it but when I did, I reached many different levels that I didn’t think were possible: spiritually, energetically, mentally and physically.”

Jennifer is one of an elite group of spa professionals who have completed all three of the career programs offered at Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich. Jenn graduated from Spa Tech’s Polarity program in 2012, Therapeutic massage in 2013 and Aesthetics in 2015. She is well educated in the field of spa services as well as holistic healing and is now reaping the benefits of being passionate about her work and her education. “

Leyea Risley is Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, Level 3 RYSE Practitioner and instructor at Spa Tech Institute. During her formative years, her mother, Nancy Risley, was growing Polarity Realization Institute (now Spa Tech Institute), developing the RYSE Tools for Life program to help clients and others manage their own energy systems and creating the BCPP (Board Certified Polarity Practitioner) Program. Leyea was truly submerged in Polarity therapy throughout her childhood.

Sue Leveille is a 2009 graduate of the 600 hour evening aesthetics career program here at Spa Tech Institute. Sue stays very busy working within the health and wellness industry. She is an instructor in our aesthetics career program, she works as an aesthetician and nail tech at Diva Professionals in Salem, NH and she is currently enrolled full time in Spa Tech’s therapeutic massage program.

Steve Baglioni, a 2008 massage therapy graduate from Spa Tech Institute, works closely with well-known sports chiropractor, Sheri Russell, providing her clients with massage. Dr. Russell treated the 1998 Olympians in Nagano and continues to treat professional athletes at Russell Center for Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Beverly, MA.

Love Your Face, a holistic skin care business in Amesbury, MA, is owned by Ellen O’Donnell. Ellen is a 2012 graduate of Spa Tech Institute’s 600 hour Aesthetic program. Years ago Ellen majored in graphic design because she had a passion for art and color. She also had a passion for working with her hands. She has had many creative businesses such as cake decorating and quilt making. She has also taught many classes like jewelry construction and stained glass.


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