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JessicaMalletteJess Mallette worked in and out of the corporate world for many years having over an hour drive each way to work. She was a single mom with two boys and felt she needed a more meaningful job. She enjoyed working with her hands and wanted to help people in a beneficial way.

Heather Mcleod DecemberHeather McLeod went to high school at North Shore Technical High School and studied cosmetology. While in high school, she enrolled in a class that introduced her to Swedish massage. Upon graduating, she began working in a salon. She worked with many massage therapists who expressed how happy they were doing their job making people feel better. She remembered how much she enjoyed the massage class she took in high school which led her to enroll in the Therapeutic Massage program at Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich.

tricia casale novemberTricia Casale began her career working as a physical therapist assistant. She worked for 5 years at Lenox Hill, North Shore Consortium and New England Rehab. She then spent 10 years at the Beverly School for the Deaf. She decided she wanted to become a massage therapist and specialize in myofascial release which focuses on relieving pain and discomfort in the body’s connective tissue also known as fascia. She lives in Beverly and the choice was made to come to Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich.

Barbara HubbardBarbara Hubbard has been a massage therapist since 1980. She became interested in massage after she enrolled in a chiropractic class at North Shore Community College and found her way to massage therapy. She always loved the benefits of receiving massage and realized giving massages and making people feel better was going to be very rewarding.

Barbara HubbardKelsey is one of Spa Tech Institute’s 2015 600-hour aesthetic graduates. Before coming to school, Kelsey worked in the food industry for many years. She did everything from serving, working in a fast food restaurant and a deli, then eventually working as a manager. She grew tired of this industry and thought about what would make her happy. She had a friend who graduated from Spa Tech Institute’s massage program who recommended she check us out for our aesthetics program. She was always interested in skin care and makeup so her decision to look at Spa Tech Institute was an easy one.

Danielle DeBloisDanielle DeBlois worked as a software engineer for twenty years until one day she decided to change careers. She wanted to be in touch with people and to be a Trauma Touch Therapist. Her sister Nicole had gone to Spa Tech Institute for massage therapy training and graduated years before. Danielle chose Spa Tech Institute because of her sister but also because she felt the program and school was more balanced than other schools she visited.

Heather CoombsHeather Coombs worked in the health care industry for ten years as a home health aide before she realized it was no longer making her happy. She wanted to continue to help people but in a different way. This led her to request information from Spa Tech Institute, with her friend Jamie, to become a massage therapist. While visiting the school she learned about aesthetics and they decided to enroll in the aesthetics program.

Georgieanna BouchardGeorgieanna Bouchard knew from an early age about energetic healing. She was first introduced to energy when she was a young girl watching a movie in which a person would touch an injured person and take on their pain. She thought how wonderful it would be to be able to touch and heal.

Graduate Spotlight Beth MitchellYou will find Beth in a beautiful space above a Dentist office located at 640 Brighton Ave, Portland Maine. She shares her space with fellow Spa Tech Institute graduate Kate Devine. The two make up the practice called Massage Therapy of Portland.

Chelsea WattChelsea Watt’s path to becoming a healer was not an easy one and like many healers Chelsea grew up feeling she was meant for a unique calling. High school was challenging at times. She did not feel that her path was to complete a fouryear college like most of her peers only to then settle in a career that didn’t seem to complete her. However, like many young people, the expectation of her family was that she would indeed follow this set path. Chelsea opted to study English Literature. It did not take long for Chelsea and her family to realize that this was not the career that was going to make her truly happy.

Josie CorreiaJosie Correia graduated from Spa Tech Institute’s Aesthetics career program in the spring of 2009. When she was young she did some modeling and makeup artistry but ultimately went to school to be a paralegal which she was not passionate about it. She began to think about what made her happy and remembered enjoying the years that she was doing makeup. That passion is how she came to apply to Spa Tech Institute, Ipswich.

Cath FonzoCath Fonzo, a 2014 graduate of Spa Tech Institute’s Therapeutic Massage Program, is enjoying the benefits of owning her own successful practice! As a mother and wife, it was important for Cath to find a career that allowed her to fulfill her passion of helping people with the flexibility she desired.

Tracy McLaughlinTracy McLaughlin had been interested in skincare and makeup at a young age and had been a makeup artist for about ten years before she found her way to Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich and enrolled in our aesthetics course.

Tracy says of her choice to attend Spa Tech Institute, “Attending Spa Tech Institute was one of the best choices I have made for myself. As a makeup artist of over 10 years I was looking to add more to my services and gain a deep understanding of the skin. The small class size and extensive hands on time made going back to school fun and easy.” Tracy graduated from the program in 2015.

Melissa McLaughlinMelissa McLaughlin is a perfect example of a Spa Tech Institute graduate who was completely focused on getting the most of her education and inspired to open her own business soon after graduation.

Melissa graduated from the Holistic massage program in July of 2014. She comments on her training at Spa Tech Institute: “My training at Spa Tech Institute gave me the skills and inspiration to open my own business within a few months of graduation. I was new to the energetic world when I came to Spa Tech Institute, coming from a completely different line of work. It took a while for me to open up to it but when I did, I reached many different levels that I didn’t think were possible: spiritually, energetically, mentally and physically.”

Jenn ScullinJennifer is one of an elite group of spa professionals who have completed all three of the career programs offered at Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich. Jenn graduated from Spa Tech Institute’s Polarity program in 2012, Therapeutic massage in 2013 and Aesthetics in 2015. She is well educated in the field of spa services as well as holistic healing and is now reaping the benefits of being passionate about her work and her education. “

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