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Steve BaglioniSteve Baglioni, a 2008 massage therapy graduate from Spa Tech Institute, works closely with well-known sports chiropractor, Sheri Russell, providing her clients with massage. Dr. Russell treated the 1998 Olympians in Nagano and continues to treat professional athletes at Russell Center for Chiropractic and Sports Medicine in Beverly, MA.

Steve’s path to massage therapy started when he was a child giving neck and back rubs to his family. Years later, Steve became a professional ski instructor which made him realize the need to have the proper body alignment and balance. He also worked as a house painter and lead singer/guitarist for his band ‘Spirit House’. He then decided to study massage therapy at Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich and follow his aspirations.

Steve said when going to school he learned from his teachers to always have a level of professionalism, be punctual and build trust. This is something he practices every day and feels that is why he is successful. He also comments that the founder, Nancy Risley, and president, Kris Stecker were always accessible.

After graduating, he put together a plan to work for the best chiropractor on the Northshore, Sheri Russell. This plan had him volunteering at a local hospice center giving chair massage to the workers and staff. Soon the center had him developing a ‘comfort touch’ program for the patients. This program was so successful the center integrated alternate healing methods for the patients such as music and pet therapy as well as Reiki. He also volunteered at Harvard providing massage for the men’s basketball team, all the while building experience, reputation and clientele. Throughout it all he says “it was all about professionalism”. He firmly believed each experience led him to the next one, it was a building process.

Steve found his niche at Dr. Russell’s providing sports massage to clients who are fully clothed, offering myofascial release, acupressure, deep tissue and other techniques.

Steve Baglioni 2If he could give advice to a current student, he would tell them to always be selling yourself. Be consistent and work on your own health and stamina so you can work on others. He is a firm believer that volunteering at different events gains experience. Steve says the best part of his career is “facilitating clients in treating their ailments and issues.”

As for Steve’s future, he would love to teach and wants to become a leader in sports massage. A path he feels he is on today.

Steve also provides massage in his Gloucester space ‘Massage Therapy Unlimited.’ He can be reached at 978-406-2715.

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