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Jenn ScullinJennifer is one of an elite group of spa professionals who have completed all three of the career programs offered at Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich. Jenn graduated from Spa Tech Institute’s Polarity program in 2012, Therapeutic massage in 2013 and Aesthetics in 2015. She is well educated in the field of spa services as well as holistic healing and is now reaping the benefits of being passionate about her work and her education. “

My education and experience at Spa Tech Institute came into my life exactly when I needed it”. Jenn recalls that from the beginning of her enrollment at Spa Tech Institute she felt right at home because the office staff made her feel so welcomed and supported. That feeling along with the support of her family assured Jenn that she was making the right next step in her life.

Jenn ScullinRegarding that education Jenn says, “Upon starting my classes, my teachers were so focused and present with the curriculum and left time for questions and conversation. Class time was a time for learning but also an open dialogue that would be about what we were learning, how it relates to life in the moment, past or present.”

Currently, Jenn lives in Melrose and commutes to her job at the W Hotel in Boston’s Back Bay where she practices massage in the Bliss Spa. She has the continued support of her family and her boyfriend, Jean Pierre. “JP is the one I lean on when those bad days come and go. He helps me remember the importance of this work and builds me up.”

Her favorite aspect of her career is the interaction between herself and her clients. Jenn says “My day is made when I treat someone who has never received a massage or is finally taking the time for self-care after years of not.” She strives to be in the ‘zone’, as she calls it, where she feels an energetic connection to her clients and they feel the emotional release of her work.

Bliss Spa allows Jenn to market herself through their marketing tools. She can email, send postcards or offer discounts on services to her clients. “W's motto is "Whatever, Whenever". Jenn says she gets to "Wow" guests who visit the spa while staying in the hotel by having room service send up treats on her.

Jenn believes it is important for students and graduates to “Walk your talk.” She receives regular massage and polarity sessions to maintain her own body and energy which makes a world of difference when juggling life, work and family.

For current students Jenn’s advice is to “Expand your horizons when it comes to where you want to work. I started my career at Massage Envy for a year then straight to a Forbes 4-star rated hotel spa. Get your experience in.” Jenn feels strongly that if your resume can show that you have a high client retention and return rate as well as measurable retail sales then you can get your foot in the door at a higher end spa that may want 2 to 3 years’ experience. She says, “Your personality sells itself, feel good about yourself and be confident.”

Jenn adds “keep learning from others and you will ultimately achieve the goals you set for yourself.” About her education and training she states emphatically “Spa Tech Institute has a reputation in the industry, employers are familiar with our school which gives you a leg up--use it to your advantage.”

Jenn works Wednesday through Sunday and can be booked for a massage at Bliss Spa at 617-261-8747.

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