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Melissa McLaughlinMelissa McLaughlin is a perfect example of a Spa Tech Institute graduate who was completely focused on getting the most of her education and inspired to open her own business soon after graduation.

Melissa graduated from the Holistic massage program in July of 2014. She comments on her training at Spa Tech Institute: “My training at Spa Tech Institute gave me the skills and inspiration to open my own business within a few months of graduation. I was new to the energetic world when I came to Spa Tech Institute, coming from a completely different line of work. It took a while for me to open up to it but when I did, I reached many different levels that I didn’t think were possible: spiritually, energetically, mentally and physically.”

In addition to having her own practice Melissa, is also an instructor at Spa Tech Institute. Melissa comments on her own instructors, “They were all well rounded and I learned a lot from each of them.” Her knowledge in the fields of massage, exercise science and business play a valuable role in how she educates her students. “When I had Melissa in class it was clear to me she was on a new journey to discover who she could be and didn't want to be held back by her previous work experiences. She brings that same passion and determination in a supporting role to help her students reach their goals”, says one of her instructors, Nicole Rinaldi.

Melissa McLaughlinMelissa’s practice, Eternal Wellness, is located in the Cummings Center in Beverly. Her motto is ‘Prime your Body for Top Performance’. Melissa believes that wellness comes from complete physical, mental and spiritual health. This is why she also sells wellness products from the Plexus line of all natural probiotics and bio-cleanse drinks. She uses these products herself and feels they have really contributed to her overall health. Plexus also has a body cream which she uses during her client’s sessions.

Melissa says she loves what she does and particularly enjoys helping people. She states, “Its opening individual’s minds to the possibility of living a pain free lifestyle, putting themselves first and in turn improving their overall health.” She currently offers deep tissue massage to clients as well as aromatherapy, body scrubs, reiki and polarity. She offers reiki with each massage and adds, “the energy just flows from my hands to heal my clients.” Melissa has 30, 60, 90 and 120 minute sessions available. She also works for corporations who hire her for chair massage events.

She markets herself by word of mouth and through volunteering at sporting events such as road races. Using these events to network with people and make connections within local communities has been important to her success.

Melissa offers this advice to prospective students: “Come to Spa Tech Institute with an open mind and an attitude to achieve the highest for yourself.”

Melissa is accepting new clients and can be reached at Eternal Wellness at 781-724-8839 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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