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Cath FonzoCath Fonzo, a 2014 graduate of Spa Tech Institute’s Therapeutic Massage Program, is enjoying the benefits of owning her own successful practice! As a mother and wife, it was important for Cath to find a career that allowed her to fulfill her passion of helping people with the flexibility she desired.

Cath says of her training at Spa Tech Institute, “My Spa Tech Institute education has been all it was promised to be and more. I have put into practice each modality learned at Spa Tech Institute, offering my clients a wide variety of custom designed sessions to meet their wellness goals. The gentleness and hands on approach, accompanied by the visual aide and clinic experience at Spa Tech Institute prepared me for employment and self-employment. I was able to take a job in a spa setting and build my own practice slowly. I most enjoyed how accessible my teachers were, how flexible clinic hours were and how everyone positively helped one another.”

Cath FonzoCath currently owns her own practice, Synchronicity Massage at 462 Boston Street in Topsfield at 978-407-4885 and is accepting new clients. She is a member of the Route One Business Network Group, the Peabody Chamber of Commerce and the New England Trade. She also uses social media such as Facebook and Instagram to market herself. Cath realizes how important it is to attend events where she can build relationships that help grow her business. She says marketing is constant!

Cath lives in Ipswich with her husband David of 21 years and her three children ages 20, 18 and 15. She says her job as a massage therapist allows her to balance her family and professional career.

Cath Fonzo 2Cath adds that the best part of being a massage therapist is caring for her clients as individuals and treating them respectfully and uniquely. She sees herself building a solid practice based on custom sessions for her clients to meet their wellness goals.

As far as adding to her education, she recently attended the Tracy Walton School of Oncology Massage. She says the class was intense but well worth it and has been wonderful for her clients and rewarding for her as a therapist.

Cath’s advice for prospective students: “Go for it! Being a massage therapist is rewarding in so many ways. Spa Tech Institute will provide you tools you need to make your dreams reality! It may not be easy, but it will be worth it.”

Cath quotes Ralph Waldo Emerson: “If you learn only methods, you’ll be forever tied to those methods. However, if you learn the principals behind those methods, you’ll be free to devise your own methods.”

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