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Chelsea WattChelsea Watt’s path to becoming a healer was not an easy one and like many healers Chelsea grew up feeling she was meant for a unique calling. High school was challenging at times. She did not feel that her path was to complete a fouryear college like most of her peers only to then settle in a career that didn’t seem to complete her. However, like many young people, the expectation of her family was that she would indeed follow this set path. Chelsea opted to study English Literature. It did not take long for Chelsea and her family to realize that this was not the career that was going to make her truly happy.

From an early age, Chelsea was interested in massage and energy work. She knew she wanted to help people heal as well as educate them. In 2007, at the age of 19, Chelsea enrolled in Spa Tech Institute’s Holistic Massage program. Chelsea tells us how “lucky she was to find and become part of a community of likeminded, caring people”. Chelsea graduated her Holistic Massage program and wanting and needing more, she immediately enrolled in the Polarity Therapy Program. “Spa Tech Institute gave me the skills to be an effective therapist while providing an empowering atmosphere to grow as a person” says Chelsea.

Chelsea WattChelsea has since become a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner, completed Reiki 1 & 2 and graduated from Spa Tech Institute’s RYSE Teacher Training. She continues her education studying Marmapoint Therapy--an ancient healing art from India that brings healing to the body where the energy is most congested.

Chelsea took her time building her confidence in her craft, working at Elements for 7 years, before opening her own practice. She tells us, “Confidence is something that most of our students need to build up. It is difficult to learn new work before breaking down some of the walls that we put up from prior education and experiences.”

Chelsea is now a highly respected and admired instructor of Polarity Therapy and Anatomy and Physiology. She connects deeply to her students in that rare way only a few teachers can. She continually works to engage every one of her students at their highest potential.

Chelsea’s students say it best: “Her transformation as a person was inspiring and I wanted what she got from school which to me, seemed life changing. She has a beautiful soul that illuminates any room she enters. There was never a day that she wasn’t over joyed to be teaching what she loves and that made my experience at Spa Tech Institute the best I could’ve imagined... Amazing!!!” Steve Valliere

“She has the patience of an angel when it comes to having to explain concepts beyond what a learning student can think possible to understand…explaining things in so many different ways…doing whatever it takes to help everyone.” Georgianna Bouchard

“Chelsea is both an amazing practitioner and phenomenal instructor with contagious energy. I never thought I’d be excited about anatomy, but her class has started me on a path of lifelong curiosity and study. I’ll be forever grateful for both her sessions and the classes of hers that I was fortunate enough to be in!” Danielle DeBlois

Chelsea can be reached at 978-270-8279 to schedule a polarity session at her Topsfield studio.

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