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Danielle DeBloisDanielle DeBlois worked as a software engineer for twenty years until one day she decided to change careers. She wanted to be in touch with people and to be a Trauma Touch Therapist. Her sister Nicole had gone to Spa Tech Institute for massage therapy training and graduated years before. Danielle chose Spa Tech Institute because of her sister but also because she felt the program and school was more balanced than other schools she visited.


Danielle took a leave of absence from her job at Microsoftand kept the news that she was pursuing a new career to herself and her wife Jami. When she finished school, she told her family and they were proud of her for her accomplishments and they told her she was going to do amazing things in life.

Danielle DeBloisTrauma Touch Therapy was new to Danielle but she wanted to offer it in conjunction with massage therapy. To be schooled in this therapy, she travelled to Colorado and enroll at the Colorado School of Healing Arts and complete a 50-hour5-day course. Her classroom hours are complete and now she is completing the second phase of the schooling with an externship. She says it is a slow process but is very rewarding. Danielle works with trauma clients to relieve their stress and anxiety from their past experiences.

While Danielle was in school she didn’t expect to find value in the business classes and ethics. She thought her focus should be on technique and all the massage modalities. She states, “I took all the business classes serious because I knew I had a plan to open my own business”. These classes proved invaluable because it forced her to develop a business plan, cards, brochures and a name which she uses for her own space today. Getting feedback from her peers was also an important aspect of these classes.

When she speaks of her fellow students she says, “They were a unique group. We created a bond and had a family atmosphere.” Her eyes light up when she mentions the connections she made while at Spa Tech Institute.

Danielle graduated from the holistic massage program in January of 2017 with 770 hours of schooling. This program was necessary to take because she wanted to work in New Hampshire and they had different requirements than in Massachusetts. She offers her clients massage and polarity.

On the day she graduated, she went directly to the New Hampshire Massage Board of Registry and was immediately licensed. She also passed the MBLEx test which is a National Certification test for massage therapists. She began working at Massage Envy in Seabrook, New Hampshire where she currently works part time. She also has her own business called Soul Fire Healing Arts where she shares space with a chiropractor and acupuncturist.

To market her business, she does drawings and giveaways as well as passing out her brochures to random people she meets.

Danielle also took CPR, is completing a Registered AromaTherapist course, is a board-certified massage therapist and is working towards her bachelors in Applied Science and Massage Therapy at Sienna Heights.

She is quick to give prospective students advice saying, “Go get a massage at Spa Tech Institute because it gives you an idea of what you will learn.” She adds, “Do a lot of practice sessions because it builds confidence and take everything serious you do in school.”

To book a session with Danielle she can be reached at Soul Fire Healing Arts in Hampstead NH at 978-346-5115.

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