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JessicaMalletteJess Mallette worked in and out of the corporate world for many years having over an hour drive each way to work. She was a single mom with two boys and felt she needed a more meaningful job. She enjoyed working with her hands and wanted to help people in a beneficial way.


Jess lives in Ipswich and one day drove by Spa Tech Institute and saw a sign for an Open House. Jess was curious and decided to attend the event. The minute Jess walked in the door she felt great. “It was a positive, welcoming environment, and it felt very comfortable.” She noted the support the school and the students received from founder Nancy Risley and President Kris Stecker was impressive. They made an impact on Jess because they gave her a great understanding of what the school offered the students.

After attending the Open House she decided to enroll in the therapeutic massage program. Jess comments, “while at school, the experience was motivating, positive and encouraging. The teachers helped make my goal possible.” She enjoyed her time at Spa Tech Institute making many new friendships. Her favorite class was anatomy and her teacher Nicole Rinaldi’s teaching style really made it all click for her. She also enjoyed the hands on experience she received at the school and working in the massage clinic gave her a lot of confidence. Jess graduated in 2016.

Jess’ love of anatomy and how the body works, helps her to fix client’s ailments. “It is like a puzzle. You have to figure out what is going on, apply what you learned and figure the best way to help them in their specific situation. When people leave happy it is so rewarding.

Jess markets herself through social media. “It is huge and effective,” she says. She also interacts with her community in Ipswich volunteering at many events where she can meet people face to face and let them sample her work. Jess also volunteers at River Bend Assisted Living offering chair massage. She comments that this is one of her favorite thing to do.

Jess has added cupping to what she offers her clients and attended Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Technique Workshop. She is also a big fan of Joe Muscolino’s techniques. He wrote the kinesiology books she used while studying at Spa Tech Institute.

Advice she gives prospective students is if you really want to become a massage therapist then go for it. It is so rewarding and Spa Tech Institute gives so much support while in school, continues to support you while looking for a job and even when you are working in the industry. With hard work and motivation you will be successful.

Jess has her own practice, Hara Therapeutic Massage & Wellness in Ipswich and can be reached at 774-4820461.

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