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Erin HagenErin Hagen graduated from Beverly High School in May of 2015. She knew at an early age that she was fascinated by energy work, body work, crystals and meditation. In her senior year, she did an internship with a holistic massage graduate from Spa Tech Institute, Kerilee Pelletrino. Kerilee took Erin under her wing and taught her how to market herself and how to start a business. This helped Erin with her master plan of opening her own business one day in the health and wellness industry.


When she visited Spa Tech Institute she knew this was the school for her. It felt comfortable and she was confident from the start this was where she belonged. “It felt so right. I didn’t look at any other schools”, she commented. She enrolled in the holistic massage program that began in September of 2015. This program had all the elements of therapeutic massage but also had the polarity, or energy work teaching that she was interested in

While at Spa Tech Institute she comments, “the teachers really got to know us and know our learning styles.” She graduated in June of 2016 from the holistic massage program. She quickly enrolled again to finish the polarity program. Erin graduated from this program in June of 2017. She is currently studying to take her BCPP test with the American Polarity Therapy Association in late February. This will designate her as a Board Certified Polarity Practitioner.

While finishing the polarity program Erin says she found out a lot about herself and the human body. She feels very blessed that she has found her passion in life. “It is a beautiful thing to find what you want to do early in life.”

While attending Spa Tech Institute, Erin enjoyed the anatomy and physiology classes but especially liked the polarity classes because it connected the energy to the body and everything made sense to her. Polarity was so enriching and helped develop her as a person. “It enhanced every area of my life. It connected the dots for me.”

Spa Tech Institute remains a fond memory for her because of all the supportive classmates she met including Naomi LaVoie who she shares space with at the Cummings Center in Beverly.

She would tell anyone who is contemplating a career in massage or polarity therapy to, “Go for it. If you feel your calling, trust your gut.” She feels Spa Tech Institute changed her life and can do that for others as well. She also gives advice about opening their own practice by saying, “Be motivated and confident. Have passion in what you do and this will make your business thrive.”

Erin constantly reads up on the massage and polarity therapy industry to find new techniques to offer. She is interested in cranial sacral work and looking to take some additional classes because the work excites her.

Erin’s clients come for both polarity and massage sessions. She always incorporates a little polarity in her massage sessions to relax the body. She comments that “the work is very rewarding for her and learns something new with each client”. Erin’s business is called Vital Touch Massage and Wellness. She can be reached at 978-473-0097. Her website is vtmandwellness.abmp.com.

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