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Erin HagenTricia L’Abbe worked as a recruiter in the telecommunications field for many stressful years. She felt it was time to look into another career field because of the high stress she had been under. Her physician recommended massage therapy to combat the constant stress she was under. Her massage therapist turned out to be a graduate of Spa Tech Institute and recommended that she visit the school in Ipswich to find out if it was a career for her.

Tricia researched the industry and went through the admissions process at Spa Tech Institute. She says, “The moment I walked into Spa Tech Institute I knew I was supposed to be there.” She then enrolled in the evening therapeutic program and continued to work at her high stress job.

While at Spa Tech Institute, she interned at a few spas to figure out where she wanted to work upon graduation. After graduation in 2003, she worked at several places before she realized she was meant to open her own private practice. This led her to Salem, then to Beverly where she opened a studio with a partner. This practice went well for five years. She then settled in her own practice in Peabody.

In 2004, Tricia enrolled in a certificate program in Florida to learn medical massage. This enabled her to work with insurance companies and workers compensation to bill for the client’s massage. Tricia feels this is what sets her apart from others in the field. The clients need a prescription from their doctor for massage therapy and an approval from their insurance company to receive the work she provides.

In 2011, she went for additional training for treating people with arthritis. Tricia continues to seek out and receive training in the medical massage field.

While at school, she says of her teacher Carl, “He had creative ways of teaching us. He was very animated and grabbed our interest.” Tricia said she learned while having fun and commented that she enjoyed the small class size.

Tricia has this advice for prospective students, “If you really enjoy helping others, massage is a good career move!”

Tricia’s favorite aspect of being a massage therapist is seeing her clients through their healing process and realizing how much they improve through her work.

Tricia’s current location is at 39 Cross Street in Peabody where two acupuncturist and a mindful psychotherapist work in collaboration. She does aromatherapy, hot rock massage, body wraps, scrubs and will be taking a cupping course in June. She can be reached at 978-278-3310.

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