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Mike DAmicoMike D’Amico knew at an early age that he wanted to help people with their fitness goals. This led him to enroll in the Exercise Science Degree program at Salem State University in Salem, Massachusetts after High School. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 2015.

Mike was hired by Beverly Athletic Club to personally train clients to meet their fitness goals. He also worked in management. He really loved the one on one contact he had with clients. Because he was not a certified massage therapist he could not help his clients when they had certain aches and pains or when they were hurt.

Brandon LaVack, a co-worker at BAC, had graduated from Spa Tech Institute in Ipswich and became a licensed Massage Therapist and suggested Mike do the same. Mike began massage school at Spa Tech Institute in the fall of 2015. Mike says, “I was never going to be held back in my career because I couldn’t help someone.”

While at Spa Tech Institute, Mike comments that he was in a classroom with diverse backgrounds and viewpoints which he enjoyed. Mike adds, “It was a very healing environment and the teachers were genuine, passionate and really cared about your success. The teachers clearly were invested in my education and were there for us in every way.” Mike graduated in April of 2016. He still maintains contact with many of his classmates.

For the past two years, Mike has been working doing massage on his client’s right before they train with him because this loosens them up before they start their workout. Mike also works in Soleil Spa which is in BAC, giving massages. Mike said his favorite aspect of massage is being able to help people with massage and helping to improve the quality of their work out by what he does for them physically. He trains and massages all age groups from 19 to well into their 70’s. Mike is very happy doing what he does and says he will be doing training and massage for the rest of his life.

His advice for a prospective student is that if you want to enter the field of massage therapy, know that you can find a job in many places and it is such a great industry to be in. He said having a license to do a skill set is invaluable.

Mike is also a competitive power lifter and recently came in first place in his age group at the State Championships. He squats 489 pounds, deadlifts 639 pounds and bench presses 290 pounds which makes him quite the competitor.

Mike does a lot of social media marketing for himself and last year started D’Amico Fitness where he has an online fitness presence as well as helping people with their fitness goals remotely. His motto for his business is, “Better, stronger you.” That is what you will become by getting training and massage from Mike.

Mike’s girlfriend, Lindsey Farrell, recently graduated from the massage program at Spa Tech Institute and is currently awaiting her license. She works at Manchester Athletic Club as a personal trainer and soon as a massage therapist. They currently live in Ipswich.

Jill Petit, Membership Director at BAC says, “Mike is a super hard worker and very passionate. He is a great team player and all this is what makes him successful.”

You can contact Mike D’Amico for training or massage at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or by calling Beverly Athletic Club at 978927-0920.

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