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Ellie Fowler“The best part of being involved in a healing profession is the gratitude expressed by clients who have tried everything and finally got results from polarity and massage.” -Ellie Fowler

Ellie Fowler learned at a young age how to heal people with touch. She credits her parents with moving her in the direction of helping others heal. Her father was a chiropractor and her motherwas a nutritionist. While growing up, she and her siblings had no need for medical doctors or medications. Her parents provided and taught them holistic healing techniques and treatments.

Her father was the second chiropractor to be licensed in the state of Massachusetts when it became legal.It was a different time then, prior to massage regulation. At 14 years old, she would massage his clients before they were adjusted and learned quickly the powerful healing the clients felt.

While married she traveled with her husband for years as he was in the military. She laterfound herself back at her father’s chiropractic office, Fowler Chiropractic working with patients again.

Ellie decided to leave the chiropractic field and went to school to be a paralegal at the request of an attorney she knew. She went to Northern Essex Community College and received her certificate to become a paralegal and workedat a law firm for 15 years.

Something was missing though. In 1998, she studied Reiki and become a Reiki Master Teacher. She speaks of a calling she had to go to Cape Ann during this time. She drove to the area several times and always passed Spa Tech Institute on her way. She saw the sign for learning polarity and wanted to know more. She stopped in to get information, ended up going to an Open House and soon signed up for the Holistic Massage program Spa Tech Institute offered. This decision changed Ellie’s life.

While at Spa Tech Institute, she recalls that she and another student would challenge each other and compete for the best grades in the class. It was important to her to do well and learn as much as possible. Her polarity teacher, Pam Carlson, helped open all kinds of possibilities for her energetically with the RYSE classes she taught. This is what made Ellie realize she was on the right track.It became clear to her inbusiness classes at Spa Tech Institute that her career path was to open her own practice.

Ellie graduated on a Wednesday in 2006 and by that Friday,opened her own business which she called Conscious Touch Massage. Forabout six years, she worked and continued her education at Muscle Institute of Massage and became an orthopedic massage specialist. She later added hypnotherapy to what she offers her clients. “I love taking care of clients who value the work that we do and acknowledge their needs. If a client takes responsibility for their health and commits to an active care plan the results are phenomenal”, says Ellie.

She renamed her business Wild Woman Healing Center in 2012 and hasn’t looked back. About working with her clients, she says, “In the healing business you know what people need. I work intuitively and I help the client with what they need.”

Her advice to new students is to focus on body mechanics. She feels this is most important part of longevity in their massage career. Ellie adds, “You need to take care of your body. This will help you take care of your clients.”

Ellie still works part time as a paralegal and runs her healing center. She is excited to have recently partnered with a Spa Tech Institute graduate, Alisa Cote, who she looks forward to working with in healing her clients.

To reach Ellie you can find her on the web at EllieFowler.com or by calling 978-346-4050.

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