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Crystal Brown“My favorite aspect of being a self-employed polarity therapist is undoubtedly the safe space created and shared with clients, as well as the feedback from them about the resulting change in their lives that my sessions have helped assist them with. The intuitive flexibility in my work allows for creativity and helps maintain a level of fun that I often missed when working outside of the bodywork profession. I feel like I can be myself and truly connect with clients.”~ Crystal Brown, Polarity Therapy, Westbrook Campus

Crystal Brown was introduced to Polarity Therapy while studying at the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 2014. She had served in the United States Air Force and began her journey to study multiple forms of alternative and holistic medicine.

Before moving to Maine to study Polarity Therapy Crystal was living in Kingwood, Texas and working at the Montessori School as a substitute and a PE teacher. As she explored options to study Polarity Therapy, Crystal found Spa Tech Institute and was excited that she would be able to utilize her Post 9/11 G.I. bill benefits as a veteran.

When asked about her experience as a student at Spa Tech Institute Crystal says it best. “My experience was beautifully challenging. Challenging because all the parts of her who had become comfortable performing below my highest potential, in every area of my life, were brought to the foreground to be worked with. The times I felt resistance, I knew it was then when I needed to persist because a moment of discomfort going through school outshines a lifelong discomfort of struggling to let go of all the old beliefs and patterns that I thought were “me”. It is most times difficult to see the beauty in the healing/learning process while you are in it, but after school as I reflected on my experience, I can see how all my dedicated work paved the way to all that I have accomplished including a job offer I received before school even ended!” As a self-proclaimed anatomy nerd, Crystal enjoyed learning theory and doing practicum and especially liked that there was no real need to take extensive notes since the reading material provided exactly what she needed to follow along.

Her advice to prospective students is to be kind to yourself every single day. Crystal found that“there is an immense amount of personal and professional growth that can come from the Polarity Therapy program when you try your best to be in each moment, allowing what is and what isn’t, no matter what comes up and how awesome or not-so-awesome it feels. At the end of the program you will be able to reflect on your studies and truly understand how much you have evolved, and will continue to evolve, as a student, friend, family member, teacher, and bodyworker! You choose to take this training, so why not go as hard as you can for yourself. Putting your heart into the work in school will help things flow easier after you graduate.”

You can find Crystal at Lavish Earth located at 820 Main St. Westbrook, ME. Her business name is Crystal Renewal and you can also find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CBrenewal/.

We are also excited that Crystal has joined the Spa Tech Institute Education team as a Polarity Therapy Educator and will share her gift with our future students.

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