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Elyse Wilkinson“If you are thinking about it, just do it. If you are drawn to it there is a reason. Take a leap of faith and invest in your future! This is my year!” ~Elyse Wilkinson

Elyse Wilkinson fell in love with Massage work and felt good about pursuing a trade after spending 3 years studying Biology and working as a supervisor at a shoe store.

Elyse realized that she did not have passion for the work she was doing, and really wanted to do something that would allow her to invest in herself and provide her with a high return on investment. Elyse made the decision to join the Holistic Massage Therapy program at Spa Tech Institute in Westbrook in 2017.

Elyse reflects on her student experience while attending the Holistic Massage Therapy program as wonderful, and she immediately fell in love with the Spa Tech Institute environment where she has made many friends and worked with fabulous educators. Elyse found that some of her favorite parts of the curriculum included Polarity and Hot Stone massage.

Elyse currently works at the Senator Inn & Spa in Augusta, Maine and is presently attending the Aesthetics program at Spa Tech Institute. Her belief is that dual licensure will make her a bigger asset throughout her career and allow her to increase her value to the Spa she is currently working for.Elyse enjoys her new classes and is having so much fun doing enzyme peels, back facials and so much more!

“Starting with the Massage Therapy program was the best starting place for me because I could get hired to do the work I love. Getting hired, then increasing my value to the company I work for, is an investment that makes sense and makes me happy.”

Elyse is proud to share her work with you and is accepting new clients at the Senator Inn & Spa in Augusta, Maine (207) 622-5804 https://www.senatorinn.com




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