Aesthetics or Esthetics

No matter how you spell it, Aesthetics or Esthetics, healthy skin is on everyone's mind and our Spa Oriented Aesthetician Programs are redefining the industry.

Skin is the single largest organ of the body and healthy skin has a significant impact on overall health. The following video is a great introduction to some of what you learn in the aesthetics program.

But that's just for starters. Additionally, in this highly visual age with digital camera's, television and the internet, appearance has never been more important. When people feel good both physically and about how they look, they do better in life. This is what will drive the industry for years to come.

The Spa Tech Professional Difference

Attention to Intention:The difference between a good session and a great session is the conscious touch of the practitioner. Spa Tech Institute focuses on teaching you the skills needed to succeed and also takes it a step further with helping you to tune into skills for connecting with your client on a higher level.

New Natural Skin Care Products from Around the World: Unlike schools where you are trained primarily on house brand products, at Spa Tech we are constantly searching for and finding the newest and best skin care products on the market. The industry is evolving quickly and learning on more than the "school" brand of product prepares you to work in high end salons and spas.

Creating a Successful Career: Loving the products you use and teaching your clients how to take care of their skin between sessions with you is a key factor in having a successful career. Learning how to teach your clients to use products that will improve their skin health and appearance is an important part of your education. 

Primary or Dual License in Aesthetics

Skin care and esthetics is an essential skill for all successful spa and salon professionals as well as a wonderful addition for massage and polarity therapists to add to their practices. The baby boomers are aging and seeking these services in spas, clinics and salonsregina woman face holding flower in hands in front of face to look and feel their best.

As a spa professional, massage therapist or cosmetologist, offering esthetic services increases your customer's satisfaction and dramatically increases your income through product sales.  It also reduces the workload on your body, which increases your productivity. 

Aesthetics Program Features

Our  programs are a unique approach based on years of experience as massage and polarity therapists. Unlike programs that focus mainly on the appearance of the skin, the training focuses on the client experience as well as making the skin healthy through natural products and carefully applied techniques. It utilizes the spiritual concept of Human Haptics or conscious touch along with learning to evaluate and customize your treatments for everyone you work with.

The feedback from clients on this approach has been outstanding. Their experience is more than a facial or skin treatment, it is a deeply transformative, relaxing and nurturing experience. Your clients will love what you can do for them and build your practice through referrals.


Spa and Aesthetics Curiculum


Based on years of research and input from major spas and salons, the aesthetics program prepares you for the professional exams needed for licensure and gives you the skills and knowledge that are in demand in spas and clinics. Additionally, the program focuses on the most natural and healthy products available on the market today. 

So whether you spell it Aesthetics or Esthetics, a career in skin care offers great opportunity to do work you love with great clients who appreciate what you do.

To learn more either call the school or use the inquiry form above to set up a time to come and visit the school and get all of your questions answered. We look forward to teaching you this exciting new information on how to have a successful natural skin care career.

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