Esthetics School in Maine, 600-clock-hour Esthetics Career Program

The state of Maine requires 600 hours of training for an esthetician license. The

600-clock-hour Esthetics program prepares you for the state exam in Maine as well as giving you a wide range of skills that will increase your marketability and earnings potential.

The esthetics program can be completed in 7 months, full-time, or 12 months, part-time. The program is designed around using natural products that nurture and cleanse, with an emphasis on integrating advanced therapeutic touch skills (Human Haptics) developed by the PRI Educational Development Company.

You can get more information on the esthetics career training by contacting the admissions department at 207-591-4141 or by clicking on the request button below. It is recommended that you set up a preliminary interview to find out more about the program. You may also want to have a treatment in the student clinic to get a first hand experience of what you will be learning and have a chance to speak with students and teachers..

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We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Westbrook 600 Hour Esthetics

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Ipswich, MA | phone - 978-356-0414
Plymouth MA | phone - 508-747-3130
Westboro MA | phone - 508-836-8864
Westbrook/Portland, ME | phone - 207-591-4141