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Your beliefs and thoughts are the only things preventing you from receiving this abundance. To succeed in anything, you must master prosperous concepts and behaviors. This should be obvious but experience has shown that most people never consider this. They may only be aware of what they lack. But they never consider that the results of their life are a reflection of their inner state or focus. This is your journey. My job is to give you the best trip-tic or map possible. This includes tips on the route, important steps along the way, where to stop, things to see and how to find what you are looking for. As with any journey there are always unexpected detours and problems that are not on the map. The key is to learn to enjoy everything that happens on this journey. Everything that happens is synchronous with your inner development. Pay attention to everything that happens and use everything to advantage to move you forward. Keep your eyes WIDE OPEN! I look forward to guiding you on your journey into prosperity. Your questions and comments are appreciated as you attain a prosperous new future. Thank you for reading. The more prosperity there is, the more successful everyone will be. Sincerely, Kris Stecker, President Spa Tech Institute Schools of Massage, Aesthetics, Polarity and Cosmetology Massachusetts and Maine
The following headline is pretty daunting.  

Global economy in worst shape since 2009

July 22, 2012 Article in MPRNews
So how is this good news? We have been dealing with unemployment of over 8% for more than 41 months. The Federal Reserve is keeping the stock market afloat by dumping money into it (thereby creating yet another bubble) and with a global economy there is no where to hide. And therein lies the good news.

This is particularly appropriate for Independence Day. For those of you who don't know me, I decided to retire from work that was meaningless back in 1983 at the age of 28. I had already had a lot of great experiences and had done a lot of what I wanted, including working in the race car industry, the bicycle industry and several other things that were a lot of fun.

One of our graduates was talking about how he has struggled to gain success that is equal to his skills. This wasn't just in his new profession but also in a secondary profession that he has been dedicated to for his whole life. The question behind the comment was, why do some people make it and others struggle for a long time without success. From my experience it comes down to a very simple thing: Having a plan and actually working the plan.

One of our colleagues was saying how the anti-business climate along with the challenges of running a business was harder than she anticipated and often had regrets about having her own business. She has been in the field for 8 years so this is an important time. As far as the anti-business climate, I understand the challenge as we are up against it with all the government regulation of schools. The state and federal governments are very anti-business.

Some will cheer and some will jeer. The Occupy Wall Street, T.E.A Party, Arab Spring and other movements are flashpoints that deserve consideration rather than reflexive reactions. Understanding what is happening is the path to your prosperity in whatever form you desire. Key to all movements is this: It is an organic process. All organisms, whether they are animals, civilizations, economic or political systems, societies, corporations or religions are subject to certain organic patterns.

This was the headline of an article on the CNBC site on 9/16/11. "Consumer Hope for Future Hits Lowest Level Since 1980" It's great news and here's why. In 1980 people were hopeless because:
  • National Debt: $0.914 Trillion. We are at $14.731 Trillion as of 9/16/11 but it's climbing fast. Check the National Debt Clock for updates.
  • The Iran Hostage Situation and President Jimmy Carter were in the news daily
  • The economy was melting down with 13.5% inflation and 7.1% unemployment (which peaked at 9.7% in 1982)
  • The Middle East was in turmoil and OPEC and the Oil Embargo was causing $1.25 per gallon gas
Notice the similarities? But how is this great news?

This may push a few buttons but here is an interesting thread from Facebook:

SO,LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT...If you cross the North Korean border illegally, you get 12 yrs. hard labor. If you cross the Afghanistan border illegally, you get shot. Two Americans just got eight years for crossing the Iranian border. If you cross the U.S. border illegally you get a job, a drivers license, food stamps, a place to live, health care, housing & child benefits, education, & a tax free business for 7 yrs.

I started this post back in June of 2010 but didn't post it at the time. It felt like there was something that needed to happen before it was posted. A year later and what I started to write is truer than ever so I'm publishing it now. Here it is. Here is what I wrote on 6/10/2010: There is no question that there is a lot of bad news about the economy right now. But what is true and what is hyperbole meant to sell advertising space? And even more importantly, what does it mean for you and your future? The answer is: A lot!

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