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The world is an abundant place, waiting to give you what you desire.

Your beliefs and thoughts are the only things preventing you from receiving this abundance. To succeed in anything, you must master prosperous concepts and behaviors. This should be obvious but experience has shown that most people never consider this. They may only be aware of what they lack. But they never consider that the results of their life are a reflection of their inner state or focus. This is your journey. My job is to give you the best trip-tic or map possible. This includes tips on the route, important steps along the way, where to stop, things to see and how to find what you are looking for. As with any journey there are always unexpected detours and problems that are not on the map. The key is to learn to enjoy everything that happens on this journey. Everything that happens is synchronous with your inner development. Pay attention to everything that happens and use everything to advantage to move you forward. Keep your eyes WIDE OPEN! I look forward to guiding you on your journey into prosperity. Your questions and comments are appreciated as you attain a prosperous new future. Thank you for reading. The more prosperity there is, the more successful everyone will be. Sincerely, Kris Stecker, President Spa Tech Institute Schools of Massage, Aesthetics, Polarity and Cosmetology Massachusetts and Maine
I started this post back in June of 2010 but didn't post it at the time. It felt like there was something that needed to happen before it was posted. A year later and what I started to write is truer than ever so I'm publishing it now. Here it is. Here is what I wrote on 6/10/2010: There is no question that there is a lot of bad news about the economy right now. But what is true and what is hyperbole meant to sell advertising space? And even more importantly, what does it mean for you and your future? The answer is: A lot!

I was raised on Doctor Seuss. One of the first books I remember was "Happy Birthday to You" which is truly amazing. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. You deserve it. But what does this have to do with prosperity? A lot! Your birthday is the first day of your life in the world outside your mother. It is the most important day of your life. Everything that happened sets the tone for everything that will follow. The first minutes are the most important and with every passing moment, the importance drops exponentially. How you enter the world sets the direction of your life.

Have you heard of the Flight or Fight response that is programmed into our subconscious? There is a third reflexive response that is often ignored, is the one that happens most often and is the most influential in your life. It’s the Freeze response or avoidance reflex. If you are like a lot of people who find change uncomfortable, or if someone in your life is afraid of having you make a change, the tendency is to freeze up or do nothing. This is not bad, it just is. It has it's place but if it prevents you from moving forward then it is no longer useful.

The Summer Solstice is a pivotal energy shift that can be used to increase your prosperity. The key is to be conscious of the shift and position your energy to benefit from the shift. This is the completion of the expansion cycle and the beginning of the contraction cycle. The expansion started with the Winter Solstice around December 21st.

"Actions are more important than words. But energy is more important than actions." Ananda, Age 4 She meant every word of it. She is building her understanding of her world. It was unsolicited advice during a walk on the beach. How wise. And yet, aren't we born knowing everything and we lose our connection with the truth of life as we learn more information and facts? This seems to be the pattern. We are connected with our source at birth and as we use language to categorize our world and develop personality from the influence of others around us, we lose our connection with source.

Understanding how your state of mind affects your energy and either enhances or blocks your success is fundamental to creating your future. At a recent AMTA convention I had the chance to observe and talk to a lot of therapists and find out how they were doing. The responses were wide ranging but the underlying dynamics were consistent: The people who were curious and open to everything being presented were successful and the ones who had strong biases, positions and were close minded were struggling.

This topic is somewhat different but very important to creating future prosperity. A key part of prosperity is investing the fruits of what you have worked to manifest. This only can happen to the extent that someone is not robbing you. Unfortunately, your pocket is being picked and it is going to get worse unless something starts to change rapidly. The following article puts this in perspective. Wealth is leaving New Jersey, BC study shows - Daily Business Update - The Boston Globe

Solstice actually means "sun standing still" or the time when the apparent movement of the sun lower or higher in the sky does not change. But more importantly, it is a major shifting point; a point where the length of the days increase or decrease. This happens around December and June 21st every year. You can check the exact dates and times here.

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