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The Journey to Prosperity Starts Here

The world is an abundant place, waiting to give you what you desire.

Your beliefs and thoughts are the only things preventing you from receiving this abundance. To succeed in anything, you must master prosperous concepts and behaviors. This should be obvious but experience has shown that most people never consider this. They may only be aware of what they lack. But they never consider that the results of their life are a reflection of their inner state or focus. This is your journey. My job is to give you the best trip-tic or map possible. This includes tips on the route, important steps along the way, where to stop, things to see and how to find what you are looking for. As with any journey there are always unexpected detours and problems that are not on the map. The key is to learn to enjoy everything that happens on this journey. Everything that happens is synchronous with your inner development. Pay attention to everything that happens and use everything to advantage to move you forward. Keep your eyes WIDE OPEN! I look forward to guiding you on your journey into prosperity. Your questions and comments are appreciated as you attain a prosperous new future. Thank you for reading. The more prosperity there is, the more successful everyone will be. Sincerely, Kris Stecker, President Spa Tech Institute Schools of Massage, Aesthetics, Polarity and Cosmetology Massachusetts and Maine
It seems like it was just last week that it was the beginning of a new year and I was encouraging everyone to write down their goals. 6 months have passed and here we are almost to the beginning of June and the official start of the summer season. So much has happened. The sky did not fall, we have 91% employment and things are about to pop.

Over 25 years ago I was taking a personal development training and was presented with a difficult question: What do you want? I panicked. My heart started racing, I broke out in a sweat and my hands started shaking. I had just been asked a question I was unprepared to answer. And then it hit me: All my life I had been taught that I did not deserve to ask for things.

A recent Facebook comment about being laid off stimulated this post. My first reaction is to say: Congratulations. You have graduated from what you were doing and now you have the opportunity to go to your next level. Of course, I seldom say it out loud because most people are not ready to hear it in that way. They are dealing with their anxiety about not knowing what's next.

We have been hearing that people are doing well and this article in the NY Times confirms some interesting findings from spa industry leaders that supports what we have been hearing from our graduates. The bottom line is that the current levels of stress are sending people to spas and clinics for stress reduction and well being instead of just pampering.

Optimism is a powerful choice that is at the root of your prosperity. The reason is simple: optimistic people are healthier so they can act on opportunities. This was supported in a recent study that found optimistic people were significantly healthier and happier than those who were not optimistic.

In the words of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, "Don't Panic." (If you have not read it yet, you owe it to yourself. It's a good primer for living.) Wall street and the global stock markets can be misleading. They measure speculation of supply and demand. The economy is not the stock markets. So when you hear a lot of doom and gloom about the markets, remember: Real value is what you do with your life. Of course, there are a lot of people who are seeing their life's monetary savings shrink. This is very frightening if you measure your value or your ability to survive by money. What's the alternative?

A student posed the following important question:
"This may be a ridiculous thought, but i was wondering about whether i should keep my Facebook/personal life separate from school. it isn't anything personal, and I'm sure the benefits to me professionally will be many, but i'm not always professional in my personal life, and as you and the school are professional references for me when i acquire my license... does this seem overly foolish? i just wonder if i should try to keep the two separate, although i think in this line of work the two become intertwined anyway, as massage can be as much a way of life as a career. your thoughts on the matter would be appreciated. fare thee well."

Although only 5% of the population has their own business, at Spa Tech Institute we tend to have upwards of 30% of our students who are planning on having their own business. Add to this that 90% of our students are female and what you have is an amazing group of students who are going to be leaders in the industry over the next 5 to 30 years.

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