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The Journey to Prosperity Starts Here

The world is an abundant place, waiting to give you what you desire.

Your beliefs and thoughts are the only things preventing you from receiving this abundance. To succeed in anything, you must master prosperous concepts and behaviors. This should be obvious but experience has shown that most people never consider this. They may only be aware of what they lack. But they never consider that the results of their life are a reflection of their inner state or focus.

This is your journey. My job is to give you the best trip-tic or map possible. This includes tips on the route, important steps along the way, where to stop, things to see and how to find what you are looking for.

As with any journey there are always unexpected detours and problems that are not on the map. The key is to learn to enjoy and learn from everything that happens on this journey. Everything that happens is synchronous with your inner development. Pay attention to everything that happens and use everything to advantage to move you forward. Keep your eyes WIDE OPEN!

I look forward to guiding you on your journey into prosperity. Your questions and comments are appreciated as you attain a prosperous new future.

Thank you for reading. The more prosperity there is, the more successful everyone will be.


Kris Stecker, President

Spa Tech Institute Schools of Massage, Aesthetics, Polarity and Cosmetology

Massachusetts and Maine


My Name is Kris and I used to work for large corporations. But I'm in recovery. This all came back the other day after interviewing a prospective student. Her story reconnected me with the deep feelings of insecurity and dependence that I associate with the large corporate environment. Her story was compelling. She is an intelligent person with a lot to offer, but the management of the company was making her feel inferior and undermining her self-respect and self-esteem.

The power of having a professional license is often overlooked, even by the people who hold the license. Having a professional license is one of the most important career moves you can make. You join a very small and elite group that has privileges and advantages that unlicensed people will never enjoy.

Or: Why you should consider taking Career Success in the Digital Age. ROI. Return On Investment. In terms of prosperity, that is the bottom line of every cent and every second that you spend. What does it return? How much value do you get from the investment. How much does it contribute to your prosperity. When do you think about it? How do you develop this awareness? At what point do you make decisions based on how it affects your prosperity?

Change? It's in the air. It seems that everything is shifting with incredible speed. And change is at the core of thriving. Evolve and thrive. Evolve or perish. There is no getting away from it. So the question is, what are you doing to evolve? What are you doing to identify your next opportunity to thrive? Let's start with the word Thrive:
1: to grow vigorously :
2: to gain in wealth or possessions :
3: to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances

Happy Independence Day! This is a great day to address a vitally important concept. This post may be controversial to some and make perfect sense to others. There is a direct link between independence, accountability and prosperity. Independence is what makes this country successful. Independence drives innovation and invention. To understand why, you need to look at what independence really is and one of the best examples is the bold step taken by the founders of this country.

Every situation has many possible outcomes and even more ways that you can feel about it. These are often interlinked. How you feel about it will energize the outcome. I recently had a chance to put this to the test. I bought a new eMachine computer at Staples for the cosmetology school in Portland. It's a brand I have been wary of but since it was at Staples and on sale, I thought, why not give it a try. After 6 trips to Maine to deal with problems that seemed unsolvable I was ready for a change.

After my last blog on Start by Asking For What You Want many people are asking, "What is treasure mapping?" I'm so glad you asked. Treasure mapping is a really simple process that allows you to get more clarity on what you want and creates a visual affirmation that allows you to continually reinforce receiving what you want.

It seems like it was just last week that it was the beginning of a new year and I was encouraging everyone to write down their goals. 6 months have passed and here we are almost to the beginning of June and the official start of the summer season. So much has happened. The sky did not fall, we have 91% employment and things are about to pop.

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