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When times are tough, it's more important than ever to use every tool you have to succeed. This has never been truer than now. Even though an economic meltdown has been averted, the hardest is yet to come. We are in a global economy and the rest of the world is hungry to eat your lunch. This is the stark reality. The prosperity of the past two decades has been an illusion driven by a credit bubble.  That's over and now the global playing field is more level. Therefore we are all faced with a new set of challenges in manifesting what we desire. You have to bring your "A" game to be prosperous in this environment. The challenges are many:
  • With the exception of student federal aid, new government rules are making it harder to borrow money
  • New jobs will not be created until businesses can borrow money
  • Through taxes we will have to pay back the money the government borrowed: This will take a long time and reduce your personal income
  • An increasing population will continue to increase demand for everything, making everything more expensive
  • An expanding population increases the risk of disease and shortages in health-care
  • The health-care system will become increasingly strained and therefore more expensive
  • Everyone's stress will continue to rise to make us more vulnerable to disease
  • There is no easy way out

As an optimist, I hate to bring this news. However, that's the reality we're facing. But here's another reality. There are people who are going to be thriving. They are the ones with the clarity to see the opportunities that are created by the chaos. But why will they thrive while most people will flounder? Clarity, focus, and health will be their advantage. These are all things that you have a high degree of control over if you choose them. This is so simple it seems silly to repeat it, but I know without a doubt that only a few people are smart enough to do what I'm about to recommend.

You see, the solution is simple but people have too many internal barriers to giving themselves what they really want. So instead they continue to justify their suffering by blaming external conditions instead of admitting that they aren't really committed to success. So here is all you have to do: Find a good Polarity Therapist and get at least 2 sessions a month for the next year. That's all.

Can't afford it? I find that is rarely true. People will spend $50 to $100 a week getting coffee, going out to dinner, getting drinks and many other things that may be fun and relaxing, but moves them no closer to prosperity. They will spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a trip that gives them temporary relief and long term bills but they won't invest in their health and prosperity.

So again, it comes down to your choice. Let me explain why Polarity Therapy will make you successful and maybe that will give you sufficient resolve to get regular sessions.

First, clarity: Polarity sessions clear the energetic obstacles to listening to your intuition and information from your body. This is cumulative so the more sessions you get, the clearer the signals and messages become. This is a huge advantage over people who are walking in a haze and not noticing what is going on around them.

Second, focus: As your fears and other blockages are removed, your concentration is greatly improved and you are less distracted by the noise of your emotions and body. Your improved focus allows you to act on the information you receive from your improved clarity.

Third, health: You must have good health to have the energy to maintain your focus and accomplish your dreams. Some people are strong enough to overcome health issues and still succeed. But they do this by doing the most with what they have.

Everyone needs to do the same. In this coming year with H1N1 and other diseases, it's more important to do everything you can to stay healthy. Polarity Therapy is the best I know for doing this. Again, it starts with having the clarity to hear the signals from your body about what you need to stay healthy. A clear individual is more likely to eat right, get proper rest and exercise more. By getting regular sessions your intuition and creativity will start working at a higher level and you will have the focus and health to put this information into action. You will also be better at avoiding problems and your success will multiply. It's at the core of all success. So it's up to you. If you say you want to succeed it's time to make the commitment. Don't put it off. Contact Spa Tech Institute to help you find a great therapist. There are no excuses. Only missed opportunities.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous life,


P.S. If you would like to know more about how energy actually improves your ability to manifest on other levels, please submit your comments and I will be happy to share what I know.

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