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Every situation has many possible outcomes and even more ways that you can feel about it. These are often interlinked. How you feel about it will energize the outcome. I recently had a chance to put this to the test. I bought a new eMachine computer at Staples for the cosmetology school in Portland. It's a brand I have been wary of but since it was at Staples and on sale, I thought, why not give it a try. After 6 trips to Maine to deal with problems that seemed unsolvable I was ready for a change.

The lesson could be that I didn't follow my inner knowing. This is true. But one part of prosperity is to keep an open mind and try new things. There are many good products that haven't developed their brand recognition yet and early adopters are the ones who benefit. In order to prosper, you must stay open to possibilities and take risks. No one will prosper by playing it safe all the time. The more important lesson was the opportunity it presented to me.

On the 6th attempt to make the product work, I was very frustrated. My chest started tightening and my thoughts grew dark. Of course, three weeks of rain didn't help but I could feel that this was a test. So I concentrated on my options. One option was to get angry and give people a hard time. It's a typical response to release the tension. But is that fair to other people? Is it reasonable to not take responsibility for ignoring my intuition and blame them? And think of the bad energy that creates in the world.

Bad energy is the fastest way to block your prosperity or ability to manifest what you want. Another option is to take responsibility and see the opportunity to grow. Since prosperity manifests only when we are ready to take responsibility, that was the direction I had to take. Mind you, it took time to get to this and to figure out what it all means. But as soon as I did, I saw how I could re-frame the entire experience and what I needed to do.

The reframing of the situation is as follows: I took a chance (a good thing) and found that my intuition was correct (another good thing) and eMachine and Staples had given me a wonderful opportunity to practice patience and alignment (another good thing). It was like flicking a switch. I felt better immediately. The tightness in my chest subsided and I was able to smile, be nice to people and I could feel my entire system get stronger. My focus was on the positive. I went into Staples and explained the problems and they immediately responded with attention to helping me get a machine that I would be happy with. They were great about it. So remember, in all situations you have a choice: You can increase your ability to manifest by finding a way to frame all situations in the positive. It's healthier for you and will produce great results.

Enjoy every moment,


P.S. What are your challenges or successes with manifesting more prosperity?

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