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After my last blog on Start by Asking For What You Want many people are asking, "What is treasure mapping?" I'm so glad you asked. Treasure mapping is a really simple process that allows you to get more clarity on what you want and creates a visual affirmation that allows you to continually reinforce receiving what you want.

There are whole workshops on treasure mapping by people that are in the business of helping people fulfill their desires. There is no right or wrong way to do a treasure map. A treasure map can be done on a large poster board or in a book format. I prefer the large poster board so you can hang it on the wall opposite your bed so it's the first and last thing that you see every day.

However, if you travel a lot, the book is a better format. You can do this by yourself, with family or a friend or with a group of friends. A treasure mapping party can be really fun and multiply the focus on the creation of your future. Doing it with your family can be really great if everyone is very supportive of each other. The only thing you do not want to do is have people, who are critical of you or your dreams, be part of the process.

Once you decide on the format (book or poster board) you will need scissors, glue or tape and a bunch of magazines and brochures that reflect your interests. For instance, if you like to ski, get ski magazines. If you like cars get car magazines. If there are people who represent qualities of yourself that you want to develop, get magazines that have those types of people (performers, yogis, artists, healers, etc.). If you are treasure mapping your wedding get a lot of magazines on weddings and honeymoons or vacations.

Now you are ready to start. It's best to allow at least 3 hours but all day is even better. Or you can do several segments of time. Begin by clearing and relaxing your mind and stating your intention to let your subconscious assist you. You can either be random or you can do a treasure map for a specific area of your life. You may be focusing on the relationship, housing, travel, work or anything that is important to you.

Now start looking at the magazines that attract you and start clipping pictures, headlines and anything that you like. Suspend judgment and just go for it. If it's a big boat or house, don't let your thoughts interfere. Don't think about cost or practicality. Just let your subconscious pick things that you like. As you do this watch your thoughts. Be mindful of the inner voices as they expose your deepest fears or reflexive patterns that prevent you from having what you want. There is often extremely valuable information in these thoughts. You can learn a lot about yourself very quickly.

After you have a pretty good pile of clippings it's time to move on to the next phase. Start to sort them and decide which ones you like and arrange them on the page. Don't glue them yet. You will want to be able to move them around. As you do this you may find that there are some things that you want to add so you go back to the magazines and look for specific things to fill in the gaps.

Again, watch your thoughts. At a certain point you will feel satisfied that there is enough on the page or board and you like where things are positioned. Now it's time to glue it down, look at it and share it with others. (Of course I expect there will be a lot of sharing throughout the process if you are with family and/or friends.) Talk about why you chose the different things and why it's important to you. Sometimes you know and sometimes it's just a feeling. It's all good.

You have completed the first step of your treasure map. Like life, it's never completely done. It's good to find a place for your treasure map where you will see it frequently and have time to meditate on it. As you contemplate it, remember that nothing is as it seems. It may be that the big house next to the ocean is not really what you are looking for but it does represent having a feeling of enough space and peace and calm. Maybe the space is a case of creating more space in your existing house by removing things that you don't need or isolating things that are noisy like televisions or other noises (like kids?). Or maybe you need to get outside near the ocean more and the house represents this.

The important part is that you have created a temporary record of what feels good to you. You can see it and it increases your awareness of what you want to manifest. The more you see it, the stronger the knowledge of wanting it becomes. This clarity helps you to manifest it more quickly. So there you go. You have done your first treasure map. You can do this as often as you like. Yearly or at least everyo couple of years it's good to do it again. And keep the old ones so you can see how much you have manifested. Just seeing that you have manifested it lubricates your manifestation abilities. Please send me your stories and epiphanies from doing your treasure maps. Your comments will assist all of your fellow travelers on the road to prosperity.



P.S. As always, I look forward to answering your questions and sharing anything I can that may be helpful. 

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