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You must be healthy and balanced to be prosperous. Sick people can't accomplish as much or enjoy the fruit of their success. It's harder to have good relationships, be creative, or have the energy to fulfill your mission.

Having health prosperity is the starting point for the rest of your prosperity. Being in tune to your physical and emotional response to your environment is required to stay healthy, happy and productive. When you don't hear the signals from your body, your body escalates the signals until you are forced to listen. Flu, colds and other ailments are the end result of not listening to your inner signals. Ultimately, death is just your bodies way of telling you something is wrong.

It is often difficult to hear your body's signals when you are stressed. You have to be relaxed and open to hear the signals. With all the demands on your time and pressures of making your life work, hearing your inner signals is almost impossible. You need a way of setting your inner radio to pick up the channel that is your body. This can be accomplished through long duration exercise, meditation or bodywork. The problem is that exercise and meditation may not always be options due to logistics or other conditions.

Bodywork offers a short cut that can change your life. Most people wait until they have a healing crisis before taking care of themselves. The crisis can be emotional, spiritual or physical. This often leads them to getting bodywork sessions. After the crisis has passed, some people continue with regular sessions while most wait for the next crisis.

If you want prosperity, then learn from this pattern. If you get regular sessions before a healing crisis, you can often avoid the crisis. The reason is simple. The sessions open you up to the information you need to stay healthy, creative and prosperous. They help you stay tuned in to your body's channel of life giving information.

Massage, and particularly polarity therapy are extremely valuable in this process. Weekly massages connect you with changes in your body when they begin rather than when they are at a crisis level. Polarity therapy connects you with changes in your body but also opens to the even earlier messages that come from your energy system. Using these or other modalities on a regular schedule keeps you tuned into what your body wants and needs.

By using bodywork as a regular part of your prosperity program, you will attain new levels of success and have the health to enjoy your accomplishments. If you can encourage those around you to do the same, the results will be exponential since you will be surrounded by healthy, forward moving and tuned in partners, friends and family.

Stay tuned for future posts on tips for having Prosperous Health.


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