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Although only 5% of the population has their own business, at Spa Tech Institute we tend to have upwards of 30% of our students who are planning on having their own business. Add to this that 90% of our students are female and what you have is an amazing group of students who are going to be leaders in the industry over the next 5 to 30 years.  The primary reasons that people choose to be self-employed are:
  • To have control of their time and energy
  • Want control of the product that is being created
  • Need an outlet for their creativity
  • Keep more of the money they make

There are many more reasons as well but these are pretty common themes. These reasons resonate particularly with women who may be raising children, found the "cubicle" environment stifling and wanted to be more creative or felt that they were not reaching their earning potential in their current occupation. There are also a lot of people who go the entrepreneur route because most work environments lack the spiritual or personal awareness that many people crave. Since we have so many entrepreneurs at the school, we are constantly looking for ways to help them develop and grow their business, both while they are students as well as after they graduate. In fact, many of the new jobs for graduates are at successful spas and clinics that have been started by former students.

This blog is part of our commitment to helping them and you grow your business. With the current and future rise of the internet, your online presence is vitally important. It must be multi-faceted and personal. Social networking sites, email, blogs and websites all need to be employed to reach and stay connected with your client base. It is somewhat time-consuming but it is personal and the multiplier effect is powerful. Recently I came across a great blog called Self Employed or Bust that focuses on helping people who want to have their own business. The blog focuses mostly on ways to make money online but also has extensive resources that will help you in many ways. Dave's blogs are an excellent example of how to write for a blog as well as having links to other important blogs about getting found on the internet. And it's another source of support for people who are taking the pioneering journey into being self-employed. As always, it's important to remember that you are not alone. We are all in this together. I look forward to participating in your journey.



P.S. Please include your comments about additional resources that you have found helpful. Thank you.

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