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Understanding how your state of mind affects your energy and either enhances or blocks your success is fundamental to creating your future. At a recent AMTA convention, I had the chance to observe and talk to a lot of therapists and find out how they were doing. The responses were wide-ranging but the underlying dynamics were consistent: The people who were curious and open to everything being presented were successful and the ones who had strong biases, positions and were close-minded were struggling.

For example, one woman was extremely successful in her practice in western Massachusetts. She was also stopping at every booth, finding out what was being offered and asking a lot of questions. She was genuinely inquisitive and open to everything.

Conversely, one person who was struggling to get a practice going was cautious about coming up to the exhibitor's tables, observed from a distance, didn't ask questions and generally didn't seem to be very open. I attempted to engage him in conversation and when I tried to give him an article that I thought would be beneficial, he refused to take it and said that he was skeptical about energy work and walked away.

The amazing thing to me was how he thought he was skeptical but his behavior and actions made it clear that he was simply closed. There is nothing wrong with this unless you are also trying to evolve and succeed. Here's why. When the mind is closed, it cannot see possibilities. A person may think that their mind is closed to one thing but that's not how the mind works. The mechanism for blocking something out is either on or off. It's the difference between being in a closet or looking out at a beautiful expansive view.

Even though there can be creativity in a closet, there is nothing like getting into an expansive place to open up the possibilities. The person with the open mind who is constantly seeking is living in a spiritually awakened state that presents constant input and possibilities. Not only is this a wonderful and healthy state to be in. It's also fundamental to success.

Success comes from seeing possibilities and thinking in new and different ways. That can only happen when the mind is open to stimulus and being fed a diet rich with new ideas and experiences. The question is, how do you stay open and is there anything you can do to stay open. The answer is a resounding yes! It starts by taking active control of your environment.

Do not settle for being in a dark space with low light. Almost without exception people who prefer low light levels are also chronically depressed or closed to new ways of doing things. Light is essential for stimulating the brain. The studies of the effect of light on the brain and emotions are plentiful. Beauty is very important as well. Make sure where you have beautiful sights, sounds, and smells.

These all either open you or close you. Take control. Use flowers, pictures, and whatever you can to improve your environment. If you can create a living or work in a beautiful place with a view you will find your thinking expanding. If you can't live or work in it, at least take breaks and go out and look around. Feel the sky over your head. (Headspace is important. It feeds the crown chakra and allows your aura to expand.) And get out and see the world. That's why travel and new experiences are so important to creating success. It can be going to a convention, on a vacation to a beautiful place, taking classes, or trying new things that you have never done before.

If you find it brings up some fear or excitement, it's probably a good sign that it's important to do. And of course, do energy work on yourself that keeps your systems clear and open so you can continue to expand and grow. So watch your behavior and notice how inquisitive you are and use it as a barometer of your openness. The more you can open the more you will succeed. The more time you stay open the more that will become your default state. The profound levels of wellness and success this creates will manifest in all areas of our life.

In Prosperity,


P.S. Please share your experiences with being open or closed and how it has affected your success. We all have much to learn from each other.

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