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I was raised on Doctor Seuss. One of the first books I remember was "Happy Birthday to You" which is truly amazing. If you haven't seen it I highly recommend it. You deserve it. But what does this have to do with prosperity? A lot!

Your birthday is the first day of your life in the world outside your mother. It is the most important day of your life. Everything that happened sets the tone for everything that will follow. The first minutes are the most important and with every passing moment, the importance drops exponentially. How you enter the world sets the direction of your life.

"Oh great", you say. You were born in a hospital, possibly under the influence of drugs, were pulled out in bright lights, something caustic was dumped in your eyes and someone held you up by your feet and slapped your ass. How is this a good thing?

Of course, depending on your parents, you could have a very different experience, either better or worse. But no matter what your experience, it has been a subtle underlying determinant of what has followed. How you were treated in those first moments can never be changed but they can be mitigated. That's the value of celebrating your birthday.

What happens is your energy system is transformed by the birth process from what you experienced in utero into how you will manifest your life. Birth trauma can alter the energy field to be weaker or have various patterns (like if the umbilical cord is around your neck) that can affect how you interact with the world. A long birth process with complications can introduce a variety of opportunities for growth later in life. Or one that created separation and distance or coldness can also follow you throughout your life.

It can also make you stronger if you acquire the love, attention, and support you need during the birth process. If you were in a nurturing, positive, love-filled and conscious process where you were connected with your parents and community in an act of supreme love, adoration, and celebration that focused positive energy on your birth and integration into the world, well, you get the idea. So once a year you are reminded of how you came into the world. You may not realize it but your body does.

Based on the season, the time of day, year, smells, the angle of the sun, seasonal sounds and many other subtle cues, your body remembers the experience. The week before and after your birthday are often difficult times because your body flashes back and remembers what it went through. The week before can feel claustrophobic and like there isn't enough space for you.

You may be antsy and feeling like you need a change. You may find that you are disagreeable and tend to get more stressed out than usual. And you have no idea why. Well, now you do. It's the memory of that time when you had outgrown the space you were in and you needed to get out and stretch. This intensifies up to your birthday.

Do you love your birthday? Are you excited? Or maybe if you look closer you find that you are actually really distressed on your birthday. You may overindulge to the point of feeling out of control or sick and you wind up with a less than a positive day. Or maybe you have a perfect day.

Whatever the result, at the very least it's important information to pay attention to if you want to grow and change. Then the week following your birthday is an adjustment period until you feel like yourself again. Every day you feel a little more secure and less shaky. You gain strength and clarity and you are relieved to have your birthday behind you for another year.

Does any of this sound familiar? That's because it's what happens. And this is actually good news because it gives you an opportunity. You can use this time to re-map your birth experience through conscious and energetic means. You can rebirth yourself the way you wish you had been born and set your life on a stronger course. My recommendation is to start by understanding how your life started. Then define the perfect start for you and design a celebration that reinforces the new start to your life. Use your birthday to rebirth yourself, every year. It's a powerful time for your body and spirit.

If you use it correctly every year, you will find amazing changes will integrate into your life. Here are some ideas of ways you can get the most out of the re-birthing process.

  • Get massage or bodywork to help your body feel good during this time and release old trauma.
  • Get energy work to reprogram your energy system. It's particularly open to change at this time so if you can change it while it's open it will hold much better for the rest of the year. I recommend Polarity and RYSE but anything will help.
  • Do breath work. There is some great work around re-birthing.
  • Find out when your actual birth time was (adjust for time zones if you have moved) and carefully create a celebration to coincide with your actual birth time. Go from time of meditation, maybe in a hot bath or isolation tank and emerge at the appropriate time into the care and support of the people who hold your highest potential.
  • Orchestrate what your rebirth community will do when you are reborn. Pick a nurturing, beautiful setting that's perfect for you to come into the world and be gently and warmly celebrated and supported. Choose the music, food and activities carefully to create the perfect start to your new life.
  • Give thanks for the opportunity to have life and to be a creative and productive being in the physical realm. (You may want to include https://www.spatech.edu/prosperity-blog/271-treasure-mapping-allowing-your-desires-to-take-shape.html as part of the process. It creates powerful results.)
  • Repeat the process every year to refine the ceremony. There is no end to the changes it can create in your life.

So, Happy Birthday. May this be the beginning of a great new life full of prosperity and abundance of everything you desire and deserve.



P.S. Please share your experiences of how this has worked for you or any ideas on how to make this work even better. Together we can all refine this process and live fuller, happier and more successful lives. Thank you in advance for your contribution.

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