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Some will cheer and some will jeer.

The Occupy Wall Street, T.E.A Party, Arab Spring, and other movements are flashpoints that deserve consideration rather than reflexive reactions. Understanding what is happening is the path to your prosperity in whatever form you desire. Key to all movements is this: It is an organic process. All organisms, whether they are animals, civilizations, economic or political systems, societies, corporations or religions are subject to certain organic patterns.

They are in a constant state of flux and change. Change is the norm because everything is energy and energy is always in motion. And at the heart of all manifestation is the flow of energy. This is a key point to be understood: The more energy moves the more prosperity there is because the more manifestation there is. For instance, a battery holds potential energy but it's not until that energy is set in motion that you can create heat, light or movement.

A seed is full of energy but until the seed is activated it is just a seed. Once the energy is set in motion something grows and can produce thousands or millions of seeds. So the energy in motion is vital to manifesting prosperity. Understanding that organizations are energy and change is energy in motion is the starting point for understanding why it's important to pay attention to movements that show change.

What has to be in place are several components for a movement to exist. There has to be an organism with systems that attempt to maintain balance, something that is leading to imbalance and a mechanism for self-correction of the organism. This is the same process that takes place in a healthy body.

When something is out of balance, the body creates an infection to attempt to bring the system back into balance. Infection can produce heat, discharge, and discomfort and consume energy from the body. Sometimes the imbalance can be so severe that the infection consumes the organism and leads to death. There are counter measures that can be used to manage the infection so it doesn't kill the organism in most cases. Does any of this sound like what's happening in the world today?

At the core of most infections is discomfort. It's how the organism becomes focused on the infection to find the cause and the remedy.

That is what we may experience in our response to different movements that come up in society. It's our opportunity to examine what is the cause and the possible solution. How we react is the most important part. How we react determines the value of the outcome. We have many options: Learn, ignore, deny, stifle, experience or experiment.

Depending on the path we choose leads us to the outcome we experience. So how can we use Occupy Wall Street, T.E.A. Party or other movements to increase our prosperity? It starts by watching your initial reaction and learning about yourself. What does your reaction to a movement tell you about what your assumed positions are on the issue that is presented? What can you learn about the way you perceive and move in the world? What is your relationship to change and evolution? How do you manifest your being and mission in the world? These are all extremely important starting points for understanding what your opportunities are to grow and manifest more of what you want in your life.

One consistent theme of most movements is that a group of people is moving from victimization to actualization. This is a powerful and exciting prospect for us as a civilization.

A victimization is a form of slavery. Whether it's from a government, society, economic system, religion or belief, no civilization can prosper while people are enslaved. It may give the appearance of thriving for a period of time but every resource that is enslaved is not able to bring their full creativity to the benefit of the civilization. The civilization with the highest creative participation will always be the most successful civilization. And herein is the basis of prosperity.

Prosperity is the natural offshoot of creative effort. And creative effort comes when people believe they are the source of their abundance. Often there appear to be statements that people feel they are entitled to have more. It's expressed in many different ways but at the core seems to be the feeling that something that they think they should have is not there. It manifests as statements that the government is taking too much of what they produce or the wealthy are not giving enough back, but underlying the message is that, "We are entitled to more than what we are getting."

I completely agree with the underlying message and have a very different view of what it means. My view is that what people are really upset about is that people have become separated from their most basic entitlement or birthright: The ability to be connected with the source. This is a deeply spiritual and fundamental core entitlement that we are born knowing and have lost in this materialistic culture.

Our education, economic systems, and cosmology have created a focus on material and sensual experience that is enslaving the majority of the civilization. The debt that we are experiencing is a debt of connection to source. The source is the Alpha and Omega. It's the well spring of creative and generative energy. It's the thing that makes us whole and healthy. Without it, we are simply living a life where we feel enslaved to paying bills and getting stuff. The challenge is that our addiction to the material world is the hardest kind of slavery to escape. It's deeply ingrained and our survival (on the physical plane) appears to depend on the very thing that enslaves us. That's what's exciting about it. That's what makes this such a worthwhile challenge to overcome.

The problem isn't really Wall Street, Capitalism or the wealthiest 1%. They are just the symbols of the problem. The problem is our self-enslavement to not knowing how to manifest what we want in the world. We haven't acquired the tools or understanding to learn how to connect with our source creativity and create what we want. If it was really about the 99% against the 1%, Steve Jobs would be the poster child of the movement. But he isn't and I believe it's because people see that he was connected with his creative source and was able to create what they want.

In fact, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg, Bill Gates, and others could never have created all the cool things people love without capitalism and the flow of money (energy) within the economy. So it's important to get beyond the symbols that stand for what people are protesting against and are not really the issue. So how do you gain your true freedom and connect with your source so you can learn to manifest yourself fully? That's what the rest of http://blog.prsoperity.spatech.edu is all about. I hope you are able to get fully connected and manifest all of your creativity and abundance.

We all need to manifest together to create a better world. Keep up the good work.



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