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The following headline is pretty daunting.  

Global economy in the worst shape since 2009

July 22, 2012 Article in MPRNews
So how is this good news? We have been dealing with unemployment of over 8% for more than 41 months. The Federal Reserve is keeping the stock market afloat by dumping money into it (thereby creating yet another bubble) and with a global economy, there is nowhere to hide. And therein lies the good news.  For the past 300 years, we have been moving towards a global economy. The pace has accelerated with each new transportation and communications breakthrough. The last 30 years have seen a rapid increase in all areas with outsourcing and more countries and people entering the global economy. Look at the wealth in China, India and many other countries in the past 10 years. It's astounding.

What's happening now and how it is a good thing?

First, as production shifted to countries with lower costs, the countries who lost the production had to adjust. It appears this was done by inflating the currency to make it appear that we were still at a high standard of living. It also involved borrowing money from the people who we were giving our money to. Second, it integrated production in such a way that most countries are economically dependent on the success of the other countries they do business with. When countries were isolated from each other, conquering a country was a viable way to increase your wealth. As the number of isolated countries/economies decreases, the ability to gain wealth comes from increased cooperation instead of from vanquishing your neighbors. Shared interests create security.

What does this mean for your prosperity?

It means that we are reaching a place of equilibrium. The biggest shift in economic distribution has happened in the past 10 years. It means that the rest of the world is starting to catch up to us with their production, consumption, and regulations. This will make it less profitable to do business in other countries in the foreseeable future. There will be less outsourcing and more retained value in the future. It also means that the value of money will begin to normalize which will lead to less volatility. This one still has a few years or even decades to go and there will be pain associated with that in this country. We will continue to see our prices increase as the value of our money decreases and many people will have to pull back on their lifestyle. But the good part is this: We are getting closer to the end of the disruptive cycle and entering into a new phase of the harmonious cycle where we can focus on a more reliable future. Of course, weather, natural disasters and the possibility of a rogue nation destroying human progress are always close at hand. And there will be many events that seem discouraging. But in the big picture, the global economy is maturing and with maturity comes stability.

But what does this have to do with your prosperity?

Thank you for your patience. There are so many ways this is good for you.
  • Most importantly, the illusion of prosperity is going to be exposed and everyone is going to have to think about what is really important again (Is an Ipad, wide screen TV and a big house really necessary to be happy and prosperous?) It will force us to finally deal with the questions of sustainable practices and quality of life rather than runaway consumption at any cost.
  • Historically, during a time of change is the best time to start or grow a business
  • You are forced to get creative to make the future you want
  • Depression (and recession) is where you figure out what works and what needs to change.
  • It's an ideal time to slow down and build a strong connection with your source
  • There are great opportunities in a time of change that doesn't exist in times of stability
  • If you can make it in these conditions, you have something that will endure for a very long time and grow when conditions improve
Keep this list close and reference it often. It's your success map for the future. Now get started, get creative and remember to check the other helpful tips and techniques in this blog. You can have your best years ever if you use this time wisely. When the majority of the world is discouraged, it's the best time to make something happen. Be well and enjoy the challenge.



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