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Watch this video. See how it changes your brain and awareness!!!!

This video as well as every awesome experience you have changes your brain and energy field. Music, visuals, emotions and experiences that are awesome change you FOREVER! It's through awesome experiences that your entire being aligns with a much larger and more expansive reality. This is at the heart of prosperity. Watch the video multiple times. Let it sink in. Let it change you. Let it expand you. And then look at the world through new eyes and ask to be shown Awesome in your life. When you open to awesomeness you will find yourself on the verge of tears and laughter all the time. The more you perceive awesome the more you open and let in awesome and the more awesome you become. The first step in having an awesome, prosperous life is to let awesome in to your life. Seek it out and consume it with your senses as deeply as possible. For example:
  • When there is a beautiful sunrise or sunset, stop and take it in, deeply and completely. Don't just take a picture. Watch it as it changes and transforms and goes through subtle and constant change. Look for the "green flash" and feel it inside of you. Perceive that the sun is not rising or setting but that we are on the surface of a revolving sphere. Can you feel the revolution as you watch the sun appear to move?
  • When there are big waves, grab a Boogie Board and go out into them. Experience the strength of the water, the power of the swell, the force of the water. Feel how far this power and force has traveled and connect with the source of the energy.
  • Watch as a child takes in something awesome or creates something awesome in a song, play, or story. Ride the wave of imagination and absorb the power of the moment that this small creature, who didn't exist once is now a creative being that is tapping into something that is timeless and eternal. Then watch them when they are sleeping. Watch them very closely and marvel at the awesomeness of them breathing, growing and changing right before your eyes.
  • Stand on a summit or the edge of the Grand Canyon and absorb the scale, sounds, feelings around you. It's even better if you hike it as well. Make the goal to absorb as much awesome energy as possible, not to get done as soon as possible.
Recommendations for changes that will help you connect with more awesomeness are:
  • Remove mindless media. Reality TV, celebrity train wrecks, fear, loathing, anger, drama and violence are all the antithesis of awesome. The more you eliminate it from your diet the more awesomeness you will absorb.
  • Drugs that lower your vibration and awareness are robbing you of awesome experiences. Junk food, alcohol and any number of other drugs are all powerful anti-awesome, anti-awareness substances.
  • Exercise more. It opens your senses and if you do it in nature, puts you in awesome settings. Even a small stream of water, flowers, animals and smells contain awesomeness.
  • Get out of the house and away from your screens. Life in front of computers, smart phones and tablets can be source of information but true awesome usually comes from being out in the world.

The really important thing to remember is this: When you consciously align yourself with awesome experiences and influences, it will jump start your prosperity perception. It all hinges on perception. You can only absorb what you can perceive. Make it a priority. Every moment counts. Break out of the mundane and become addicted to awesome. Become a maven of awesome and wake up everyone around you. Make it your mission to both absorb and share as much awesome as possible. Do it all the time and you will see your life change in powerful ways.


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