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Important questions:
  • Do you know any truly prosperous people who have debt they aren't paying back? That can be financial, emotional or physical debt.
  • Do you want to be successful and prosperous?

I know you are an expansive being who has no limits. This is true in a spiritual sense and when you're dealing with your life on earth the experience shifts into learning about balance. The dance of living is finding the balance between expansion and contraction, limits and infinity.

It applies to all aspects of your life including your spiritual, health, relationships, finances, and material needs. Balance is the key to manifestation and prosperity. This may seem counter-intuitive but here's how it works. In the third dimensional experience, energy and form are interactive. Energy is intensified by form. For instance, electric energy is harnessed by containing it within the limits of a wire. Heat is harnessed by the limits of the container that uses it. These are easy to understand.

What's harder to understand is how this applies to spirit, relationship, and finances. Spiritual, emotional and relationship are all in the same general category. But they still need a container to have force or presence. The container for all of these is your self-narrative. Your narrative controls how you perceive your world.

As we teach at the school, What You Focus On You Get More Of! If you are focusing on trying to attain spiritual enlightenment, you will attract more Trying. If you focus on your needs that are not being met you will attract more of not getting your needs met. And if you focus on wanting a relationship, you will attract more wanting and less relationship. It's just how it works.

And all three of these will feed into each other and go round and round. So the idea is to focus on what you have and having abundant gratitude. Consciously changing your self-narrative will change the way you see the world and everything that happens in your life. This can be focusing on the amount of spiritual experience that you have had so far, the ways your needs are met and the wonderful relationships that you do have, especially the one you have with yourself.

When you focus on this positive narrative, it creates an attraction of more of the same. You are more relaxed in your spiritual practices, you are more emotionally fulfilled and people will gravitate to being around you. It doesn't mean that you ignore areas that are not working or need attention. If you are too thin or overweight, it is a physical debt that you need to address. If you have impulse control issues, it's an emotional debt that needs work. Financial debt is really the same with this added advantage: It's very easily measured and tracked. But what is the container for financial flow? It comes down to your perception again and it's integral to your spiritual, emotional and intellectual narrative.

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