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Like it or not, your relationships make a big difference in your prosperity and abundance on many levels. Good relationships are the fastest route to creating prosperity that will support you throughout your life. Bad relationships will destroy everything in your life. There is no way to be abundant and not maintain good relationships. Everything you do is dependent on people. You cannot succeed without having good relationships.  Whether you create a product, service, or idea, if you don’t have good relationships you won’t be successful in bringing it to market. It’s through the support of your community that people will help you to deliver what you have created. It is through having good relationships that people will continue to support what you create.

Where to Start

Start with your most important and enduring relationship first. If you don’t have a good relationship with yourself, eventually it will show up in all of your external relationships with others. Listen to your self-talk or internal narrative. This is a strong indication of what you think of yourself.

When you look in the mirror or think about who you are and what others think of you, what do you see and hear in your head? Do you approve of yourself, have gratitude for all that you are and forgive yourself if you make a mistake? Do you celebrate yourself and wake up glad to be you?

Of course, this doesn’t mean being self-absorbed. It means that when you do think of you it’s without negative thoughts. In fact, the least self-absorbed people are the ones who are the happiest with themselves. That’s because they don’t have to draw energy from others to make them feel complete.

The other important thing to remember is that loving yourself is the highest honoring of spirit. It’s impossible to be spiritually alive and awake without loving yourself. Since all abundance flows from the same source that creates you, you must love you to allow the source to fill your life.

Secondary Relationships

Your kids, parents, siblings, friends, clients, and colleagues are all extremely important relationships that give insight into you. Any unresolved issues are always a manifestation of issues within you. If the issues are truly resolved within you, there will be no charge on it for you. It will be neutral. So look at your issues with others and determine why the issue is still active. Understand your role in creating the issue and why you have not been successful at forgiving yourself. Of course, this process takes a lot of honesty and integrity. Most of the time our mind and psyche will run away from looking at our shadow side. That’s where strength and determination are important.

What is a higher priority? Getting it right inside of you or protecting your narrative? Oddly, it’s through changing your narrative that you can find your resolution and rewrite your relationship with yourself.

Freedom comes from being able to understand what part of your narrative is flawed or stuck in the past and what you can do to update it to match your current goals and desires. So take the time to work on these relationships and on re-writing your narrative and watch what happens. You will see that you are able to move forward much faster and without tripping yourself up. You will also find that others will respond to you differently and support you more in what you do. And if they don’t support you, you will be free to move on to focus on those who do.

As you work on your relationship take note of the changes that happen in all aspects of your life. Notice how much easier it is to get what you want and how much more flows into your life. Let your focus be on what you want to create and be grateful for the abundance that is filling your life. And always, be super grateful and enthusiastic about the fact that you are ALIVE. That is the greatest gift you have.

Be well and happy,


P.S. If you have any thoughts on what has worked for you or stories about what happened in your life when you started loving you, please share it. Together we grow. Thank you.

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