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The ultimate holiday for prosperity is Thanksgiving. Its occurrence during the final weeks of the contraction/concentration portion of the annual cycle is auspicious. A time of appreciating all that you have set in motion during the expansion and harvested during the contraction.

The power of appreciation is that it puts your focus in the correct place for prosperity. It puts your attention on what you have, what you’ve created and the fruits of your labor and creativity.

What You Focus On You Get More Of!

Remembering that you can control your focus is one of the most important accomplishments of your life. Understand that your focus influences your perception which drives your ability to recognize opportunities.

Integrating the control of your focus so it’s front of mind is a core competency that drives your prosperity. It's a skill that requires repetition so it becomes automatic. The distractions of life are many and the tendency to lose focus is constant. How would your life change if you master the skill of focus?

Thanksgiving and the contraction/concentration cycle are wonderful times to strengthen this ability due to the nature of the season and the events that surround both.

The Challenge of Focus

Whether you spend the holiday with family or alone, the gift of Thanksgiving is having the chance to test your transformation against the concepts and patterns of your family of origin. It’s a chance to experience the roots of old patterns that either supported you or held you back. It’s an opportunity to observe how much you’ve changed and what’s left to work on. This gift at the end of the season of contraction/concentration allows you to focus on what you want to change during the next cycle of expansion that starts on the winter solstice.

At the same time, the outer world is pushing you to focus on what you don’t have, particularly as we enter the holiday shopping season. Built into the marketing of the commercial holiday is a strong message for you to focus on what you don't have. The message of “buying love” by giving gifts is rampant while you are confronted with constant advertising of how your happiness is dependent on getting what you want for the holidays.

The insidious attempt of fear-based marketing (loss of love or getting you to focus on what you don’t have) as the driving force, is to get everyone to focus on what they don't have. The message is unavoidable, but you can choose to listen to it or to focus on your abundance.

A Gift in Disguise

This is a wonderful gift that’s disguised as a challenge. When you realize the extent of the attempts to get you to focus on the fear of loss or what you don’t have, you can become conscious of all the ways that you are vulnerable to this message. It creates an excellent platform for gaining power over your focus. By using the power of the cycle of contraction/concentration you can master your attention to focus on the abundance in your life. In this case, you can also focus on the abundance of the gift that is bringing you to the next level of your transformation.

Embrace the Gift, Not the Message

As you pay attention to the gift of attempted distraction, you become empowered on a fundamental level. There is no greater gift than having control of your mind and focus. Your ability to stay focused on your mission, values, and goals creates an abundant mind that celebrates every moment and presents you with constant opportunity.

Your abundance is expanding.

Thank you!!


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