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Professional Massage Therapist Benefits

massage videoAs a massage therapist, you get to do work that is extremely satisfying and rewarding. You work in attractive settings that are healthy and positive, helping people to feel better and getting paid well to do what you love.

You also can create flexible schedules that fit your other commitments, work in the resort or cruise industry in interesting places or have your own business.

But the best-kept secret is that you get to experience the relaxation of massage for several hours a day at the same time you get to move around and use your body. There is no healthier occupation that we know of. And your clients love what you do for them. It's great to be in a profession where your clients appreciate you.

Where Consciousness Meets Touch

Massage school is a transformative experience. Not only do you gain valuable knowledge about how the body works and how to have better health, but you are also surrounded by other massage therapy students who are excited to be learning the work. And the best part is that you practice on each other almost every day. 

As a school built on the foundation of understanding energy, Spa Tech Institute massage school focuses on going beyond the techniques of massage into a deeper understanding of learning to read what your client's body is communicating. This is known as consciousness oriented touch and it makes all the difference in the quality of your sessions. Employers understand the difference and clients can feel the difference. 

The Spa Tech Institute Difference


You can choose between the deep tissue, therapeutic oriented program or the advanced program that includes polarity therapy. The advantage of incorporating energy concepts into a massage session is profound as the body's relaxation response makes it easier to go deeper in a more harmonious way. The massage school offers these programs to increase your options of where you work when you graduate. 

Employers recognize the advantages of graduates who have trained at a massage school that offers a broader skill set and have also trained in a massage school that offers other spa-oriented services. Additionally, the ability to work effectively with a broad skill set allows you to address a wider variety of health and wellness issues in your sessions.


By learning the science of massage at the same time that you are learning the hands-on techniques, you learn much more quickly and easily. 

Our Holistic Massage or Therapeutic Massage curriculums are carefully constructed and taught to give you the maximum expertise in the shortest time.

Classes may be taken either in our full-time or half-day (9-1:30) weekday programs or the part-time evening programs to meet your needs.

Getting Started is Easy

Whether you want to go to massage school now or in the future, taking the next step is easy.

We highly recommend setting up an initial massage school tour to review your options for becoming a professional massage therapist. You may also find receiving sessions in the student massage school clinic helpful to better understand the techniques you will learn and the quality of the training.

Starting is simple: Simply fill out the response form or contact the campus nearest you to schedule an appointment for an information meeting.

For additional consumer information please visit and search on this and other schools. 

We look forward to meeting you soon.


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