Open Houses

Open Houses are a great opportunity to learn more about careers in the beauty and wellness industries as well as talk to students and teachers about how the program prepares you to succeed. It also gives you a chance to experience some of the work first hand and meet with employers who frequently attend to talk abou the opportunity for employment after you graduate. Please contact the school closest to you for the next open house dates in your area. 

Please call the campus nearest you for the dates of the next Open House. 

Scholarships from Employers and Others

The industry has several scholarships that allow you to reduce the amount that you pay for your education. They are posted on our Facebook page as they come up. 

The key is to take the time to apply. Many people don't think it's worth the effort which is why it's very worth the effort. Your chances of getting a scholarship are much higher than the odds of playing the lottery. Even if you don't win the award, the effort will help to clarify your vision of why your education is important to you and this will make you a more successful student and graduate. So as they say in the Nike ads; Just Do It!

Take a look at Beauty Changes Lives as an example of the kinds of scholarships that are available for cosmetology, massage and skincare.

Are You Career Training Ready? Find Out!
Take the Spa Tech Institute “Career Training Readiness Quiz”

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