We believe that a well informed student is a good student. The following consumer information will help you to better understand the financial commitment involved in your career training.

Before you make the investment in starting a new career or enhancing a related career, please review this information carefully and prepare comments for when you meet with an Enrollment Assistant or Financial Aid Officer at the school.

Be diligent so you will know that you are going to the best school for you. Enjoy the journey.

The Gainful Employment information on Tuition, Completion and Placment is at the end of each Title IV program broken out by the location. For your convenience the links are listed below as well.

Aesthetics Programs
Westbrook 600 Hour Aesthetics
Ipswich 600 Hour Aesthetics
Plymouth 600 Hour Aesthetics
Westboro 600 Hour Aesthetics

Cosmetology Program in Maine

Massage Programs
Westbrook Therapeutic Massage
Westbrook Holistic Massage
Ipswich Therapeutic Massage
Plymouth Therapeutic Massage
Westboro Therapeutic Massage

Ipswich Holistic Massage
Plymouth Holistic Massage
Westboro Holistic Massage

Polarity Therapy
Ipswich Polarity Therapy
Plymouth Polarity Therapy
Westboro Polarity Therapy

Westbrook Polarity Therapy

Additional information may be found on the schools at the following Links.

Ipswich, MA Campus
Plymouth, MA Campus
Westboro, MA Campus
Westbrook, MA Campus

Net Price Calculators:

The Net Price Calculator for each campus is based on the program with the largest enrollment at that campus.

Ipswich, MA Net Price Calculator
Plymouth, MA Net Price Calculator
Westboro, MA Net Price Calculator
Westbrook, ME Net Price Calculator

NACCAS Annual Report Statistics for 1/1/16-12/31/16

Graduation Rate: 81.82%    
Placement Rate: 71.83%    
Licensure Rate: 97.38%

Wage Information

In regards to wage and salary information, your best source of information is to talk to people who are working in the industry and have had successful practices or businesses for at least 3 years. Generally these people have a pretty good idea of the compensation for your area of the country or state. The more people you talk to the more you will understand what to expect. It's also good to talk to professionals who graduated from the schools you are considering attending so you wil have a sense of how well the school prepared them for their career. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics also posts information on their website that is based on the reported wages for the profession. Since the massage, cosmetology and aesthetics professions includes tips, cash clients and a high degree of self employed and part-time employment, the statistics may not be as accurate as traditional W-2 wage earners such as nurses, for instance. 

The following links are provided simply as a courtesy and reference point. These are the national employment and wage information. You can also search by location to get a better idea of what is recorded for your area.

Massage Therapy

Massachusetts Consumer Disclosures

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