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Spa Tech Institute has the following approvals:

United States Department of Education - Federal Student Aid Programs.(School code: 014572) This will help pay for tuition and living expenses for students that qualify.

The PELL Grant is a gift given to you by the government as an aid for your education if you meet financial guidelines. This is not a loan. No repayment is required unless you violate school and federal drug policies. The STAFFORD or GSL Loan Program is guaranteed by the government. The government pays interest while the student attends school and up to six months after graduation. Low monthly payments follow. Please contact us for further assistance and information.

Parent Plus Loans. Please contact us for further assistance and information.

Spa Tech Institute is also VA-approved for eligible veterans and their dependents under various educational assistance programs.

Some of the programs are also recognized by the Massachusetts D.E.T. for Chapter 30 benefits for continued unemployment benefits while attending school.

Important Financial Aid Links

Start by you and/or your parents setting up your PIN for all online processing and management of your fianancial aid experience by going to

To fill in your FAFSA on line go to and use school code 014572. (Please note: The school code will show the address of the school in Portland, ME. This is the main school and all other locations are branches of the school in Maine.)

To complete your direct loan process online go to

For private educational loans go to: Sallie Mae Private Loans

Important Warning: There are fraudulent companies that represent that they can either get you scholarships or eliminate student loan dept for a fee. 

Financial Aid Tutorials

It's recommended that you open the tutorials in full screen mode so you can see the details. The icon for expanding the screen is in the lower right corner of the video. Your comments are always appreciated.




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